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mod*mom giveaway :: vernor panton "S" chair! $245

moderndose dose owner estela lugo is a mother of a newborn + a toddler,
+ she's an interior designer who wants to make modern design accessible.

moderndose dose is giving a lucky mod*mom reader a mod panton S chair, designed in 1968! vernor panton is one of my favorite designers + i love modern dose's chair selection (do you need new dining room chairs for thanksgiving? modern dose is having a buy 1 S chair, get 1 FREE sale too).

to enter to win a groovy vernor panton S chair in color of your choice, tell me in the comments, "what are your modern dose favorites + why?"
(include your email address + web url so i can contact you when you win!)
before midnight, wednesday december 5

by ~mod*mom~ at 11.11.07 ©


Ooo, what a cool giveaway! I would love to win one!

By Blogger Joy, at 11/11/2007 4:44 PM  

Besides the super-futuristic curves of the vernor panton "S" chair itself, I've always been a huge fan of the Eames mod rocker. My dream is to have on in the nursery one day - so clean and sleek and so welcoming, especially adorned with pillows. The Wave Pendant is another of my favorites, super sophisticated and visually interesting - like a floating, glowing sculpture. The classic Arc Lamp creates such a unexpected movement in a room, which is something our living room could definitely use! And finally, the Eames Plywood Lounge Chair in walnut/pony because it somehow captures modern and rustic all in one package, and reminds me of old schoolhouse desks all at the same time - nostalgia!

By Blogger audrey, at 11/11/2007 5:56 PM  

I love the panel bed. So beautiful! I'd love to win the awesome chair. Thanks for all these giveaways!

By Blogger Emily, at 11/11/2007 6:25 PM  

I love the pillows, my favs are the humming birds!! They are so fun and silly but stylish

By Blogger nor_lou, at 11/11/2007 6:47 PM  

I love the Demi entry table. It's graceful and feminine, but still modern.

By Blogger Becca, at 11/11/2007 6:48 PM  

I'm a sucker for all things that verge on being almost too strange, but work. Which is probably why I was totally drawn to the ALABASTER STAG DEER HEAD STATUE IN WHITE!!! Wow, I do believe my walls will be wearing this soon. (Would look even better with the S chair under it!)

By Blogger PS, at 11/11/2007 7:14 PM  

I LOVE their seating section. I'm thinking I need one of their aluminum chairs or that awesome rocker.
Thanks for the giveaway!

By Blogger Abby, at 11/11/2007 7:38 PM  

those chairs in shiny orange!

By Anonymous Annie, at 11/11/2007 10:09 PM  

I love the Gold Leather Pouf. We have a lot of dust mite allergies in our house so we can't have any upholstered anything, really. I'm always on the look out for allergy friendly items and this pouf is SWEET! It's hard to find a leather pouf that's not stiff and dull looking. This one could really warm up a home.

For that matter, I love the lines of the Panton S Chair, the Mod Rocker and the all time favorite Eames Plywood Set. We have a lot of color in our home and any one of these chairs would look marvelous!

By Blogger Brooke, at 11/12/2007 5:33 AM  

My favorite is the Egg Chair. I just like the way it looks, all big and comfy :) I bet it would be a joy to sit and read in!

By Anonymous Anastasia, at 11/12/2007 5:34 AM  

honestly, i was close to hyperventilation when i saw your blog this morning!!! a panton chair giveaway ?! are you kidding me!? i fell in love with this one when i saw it the first time years (more closely to decades, but let's not talk about that...) ago - but since we have lots of perfectly functional chairs (not as nice of course) that (unfortunately) seem to be indestructable, i was so far not able to convince my better half that we NEED new ones ... i have the feeling that if one of these beauties would be standing in our dining room, he would not be able to resist anymoore ... deep inside he is a design freak, too ;-)
i want to win one - so badly...!!!!

By Blogger concrete*enthusiast, at 11/12/2007 5:57 AM  

This chair is on our baby list, along with the Eames Rocker. Our whole apartment is all designer furniture floor samples: nothing matches, though we've tried to pull the colors together using Flor tiles. We have the remake Panton chair in orange and I really, really want a little one to go with it! I'd love it in orange or white!

Juli Simon Thomas

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 6:15 AM  

That chair is fabulous. I especially like the glossy orange & black.
My fav product on modern dose has to be those alabaster deer heads though. I love whimsy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE weird animal stuff.

By Blogger Patty, at 11/12/2007 6:37 AM  

THE PANEL BED IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I also love the POP Aussie Print, very eye catching!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 6:41 AM  

I love their elephant canvas prints - my little girl loves elephant stuff.

By Blogger Christina, at 11/12/2007 6:47 AM  

It's so out of character for me, but I absolutely LOVE the Tasha chandelier. I mean, it's a chandelier... but it is so cool in black! I also really dig the poufs. For my toddler-friendly hookah parlor...

By Blogger Naomi, at 11/12/2007 7:00 AM  

Those antler bowls are pretty awesome! I've never seen such a product. I also LOVE the blue and white Bird on a Cherry Blossom pillows.

By Blogger Marcia, at 11/12/2007 7:11 AM  

I love the WoodGrain coaster set...I have never seen anything like it! It would be a great conversation piece and it would go great with my decor! Thanks for the awesome chance to win this super cool chair! Keeping my fingers crossed....

By Anonymous sara, at 11/12/2007 7:12 AM  

Firstly, I love her website design and the color combo! I love the Pop Pup prints but was sad there was no pug or boxer! Awwww...

That green Panton chair? Ooooooo! I'm in love with it!

By Blogger Ms. Mamma, at 11/12/2007 7:24 AM  

I love love love the Eames style Mod rocker. The colors are so bright and would look at home anywhere in your house. The thing I drool over, though, is the Linear Crystal Chandelier. I've been in love since I saw it in a design magazine. When I redo my kitchen it is on my must have list.

By Blogger jpwillett, at 11/12/2007 7:29 AM  

Did anyone see the hot dog pillow? Adorable... but I'm a chair collector at heart and will someday have a barcelona chair, egg chair, plywood lounge and eames set.

By Blogger Esther, at 11/12/2007 7:41 AM  

I love the Elephant print.

By Blogger griffgraff, at 11/12/2007 7:43 AM  

For me, it is a tossup between the aluminum mesh office chair and the Noguchi Style Free Form Sofa & Ottoman. I love solid mesh chairs, but the beige sofa/ottoman is wonderful.

By Blogger Michael Phillips, at 11/12/2007 7:50 AM  

I love the Tammy Bench. It would look great on our porch. Also the Elephant Canvas Print. My son loves the elephants.


taureau AT yahoo DOT com

By Blogger melonkelli, at 11/12/2007 7:52 AM  

I like the black egg chair, I don't know why, it just looks so cool! My husband and kids would fight over who sits in it. Dad would always win, though.

By Blogger Qtpies7, at 11/12/2007 7:56 AM  

The pop Yorkie print brought a smile to my face. I'm going to have to show my husband this one. Perhaps it will end up on one of our walls.

By Anonymous Bethany, at 11/12/2007 8:02 AM  

I LOVE that Mod Rocker! I've been drooling of that chair since the beginning of time! Now that I have a baby I need to stop making excuses not to buy it!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!


By Blogger New Mama's Nest, at 11/12/2007 8:19 AM  

My favorite items are the black egg chair and the black and white pouf. The chair looks comfy and I like the design of the pouf.

By Blogger CrystalGB, at 11/12/2007 8:38 AM  

I love the queen pillow! It just really strikes me! It looks like something I would have!

By Blogger ash, at 11/12/2007 8:50 AM  

Wow ... terrific selection! I'd have to narrow down my favorites to:
1 the Trellis side table and bookcase ... modern but still charming, not cold and sterile
2 the Park Ave. coffee table ... spacious and very inviting to kids at play or guests at a cocktail party
3 the Mod Rocker ... what can I say except that the Eameses had it right - always a classic
4 the Wave pendant light ... just fun to look at - all those nooks and crannys are great for the play of light and shadow


By Anonymous Beka, at 11/12/2007 8:59 AM  

I am a big fan of the Eames Egg Chair. It's comfy for one, but especially cozy for a mama and one or two little ones! And timeless in a wonderful mod way.

By Blogger Ratphooey, at 11/12/2007 9:16 AM  

My modern dose favorite is the Eames rocker, closely followed by the panton chair! I was actually drooling over it the other day on modern dose. Even with the sale going on I still can't fit this into my student budget so I would love to win one!

ilef (at) imsa (dot) edu

By Anonymous kay, at 11/12/2007 9:33 AM  

THe Flo 3-seater looks so cool! :) What a fabulous store!

By Blogger kevnjacks, at 11/12/2007 10:12 AM  

I love the hotdog dog pillow and the the elephant prints. What a great site! Thanks.

By Blogger The Heller Family, at 11/12/2007 10:32 AM  

The S chair is great-- it's got great lines...
The elephant prints would be great in my sons room...
The eames rocker has always looked beautiful to me...
I'd love to have a wave pendant.. or the asparagus...
Lovely stuff... thanks for the info!!!

By Blogger Jet'set, at 11/12/2007 10:39 AM  

Wow, What a wonderful and fun giveaway! I liked the "Branch Trunk Table" on their website very much. Please enter me in your splendid contest. Thanks, Cindi

By Blogger windycindy, at 11/12/2007 10:44 AM  

My son is very excited about the elephant prints, but I definitley love the eames rocker- so cool. Please enter me- what a great prize!

By Blogger jbubolz-miller, at 11/12/2007 10:49 AM  

ohh, I would love one of these Panton chairs in orange or white. We are also in need of a new office chair, so I will have to pick the Eames Aluminum Ribbed Lowback.

By Anonymous Natalie, at 11/12/2007 11:37 AM  

Definitely the Mod Rocker. My hubby and I don't often agree on furniture, but I know we'd agree on this being an ultra coll addition to our daughters room. Wouldn't we feel too hip during the nap and bedtime story! Cool stuff all around though - it was hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for the chance to win -

By Blogger Elizabeth Simpson, at 11/12/2007 12:04 PM  

My favorite Modern Dose items:
--Black & White Leather Pouf: I like this because it's stylish, functional, and toddler-proof!
--Barcelona-Style Chair: I like this because it has timeless style and it's big enough to accommodate one adult and one child at the same time--perfect for story time.


By Anonymous Marsha, at 11/12/2007 12:05 PM  

I like all of the bird pillows, especially the bid on cherry blossoms. Why? Because I love birds -- everything bird-related.

By Anonymous Janne, at 11/12/2007 12:43 PM  

My favorites are in the Wall Decor section, though that's mostly because I can never decide WHAT to put on my walls! [sarasgoodiesatgmaildotcom]

By Blogger sara tx, at 11/12/2007 1:11 PM  

I love the S Chair, but besides that, my favorite is probably the Egg Chair -- there is something almost "Dr. Evil" about it!


By Blogger Sara, at 11/12/2007 1:22 PM  

I love the egg chair, its so fun! thanks for the cool giveaway!

By Blogger jenavidez, at 11/12/2007 1:24 PM  

I love those Panton chairs - and the mini ones for the kiddies are adorable...lust, lust, lust. I'm also crazy for the pony skin plywood Eames chair. I have visions of a new couch when the 18 mos. old twins finally give up bottles, and maybe that leather number would be perfect. Thanks for letting a tired mom dream and for another terrific give-away and website link (that I never would have found on my own).

By Blogger debra, at 11/12/2007 1:46 PM  

I also love the egg chair, it would really add charecter and flare to a room.

By Blogger sydneysmommy0, at 11/12/2007 1:48 PM  

I think I like the Egg Chair and the Barcelona-Style Chair best. Why? Because they're well-made, well-designed, functional, timeless design icons that I'd love to have in my home. Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

By Anonymous kris, at 11/12/2007 2:09 PM  

I'm a big fan of simple, modern furniture for the whole house and kids' rooms. I love the stools and poufs at the site -- she has a great eye for color, and they look like they would fit in anywhere. I also love the elephant prints for a kid's room -- they're modern and cute at the same time!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 2:13 PM  

I love the Flo 3-seater couch. It has very clean lines and looks comfy.

By Blogger Corey, at 11/12/2007 2:25 PM  

the s chair is cool. I also like the totem stool (double duty as a stool or side table) and the elephant canvas. Very nice.

By Blogger Sarah, at 11/12/2007 3:14 PM  

Seriously, who doesn't need an Alabaster Deer Head? Awesome!

I'd love to win the chair. :)

By Blogger MamaChristy, at 11/12/2007 3:18 PM  

Nice giveaway!!
I love the Gold Leather Pouf, because I am fond of Poufs, especially Moroccan ones. And this one looks very Moroccan to me.

By Anonymous Mary_Freebies, at 11/12/2007 3:56 PM  

I have always loved the totem stool--anything that is functional AND beautiful...

disarray [at] onebox [dot] com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 4:19 PM  

I like the antler bowls and the elephant prints - all of the items look very cool! Thanks for the giveaway - I'd love to win!


By Blogger JewelsHud, at 11/12/2007 5:27 PM  

i love the look fo the panel bed...

By Blogger The Saunders Family, at 11/12/2007 5:50 PM  

I LOVE the Eames-Style Plywood Coffee Table-- perfect for a living room with a modern sensibility AND toddler sensibility! BUT I also love the Pantone chair. Too perfect!

librariAND [ a t ] gmail [ d o t] c om

By Blogger meka foo, at 11/12/2007 6:00 PM  

i love the butterfly cabinet and the elephant prints. both would be cute in my kids' rooms.

fun giveaway!

By Blogger Dansie Family, at 11/12/2007 6:15 PM  

I love the egg chair. So chic and classic! I love this site.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 6:28 PM  

I really like the Egg Chair. It looks unique and very comfortable at the same time. The S chair is awesome too, of course! Thanks for the great giveaway.


By Anonymous Renae H, at 11/12/2007 6:36 PM  

I would have to say for me the panel bed is my favorite!! Thanks

By Anonymous Susanne, at 11/12/2007 7:10 PM  

I love the lounge, because it looks so cozy and I could totally cuddle up and go to sleep in it

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 7:25 PM  

I love the black tasha chandelier because of elegance in its design. Not only is it a light fixture, it's a true piece of art. It's absolutely breath-taking.

By Blogger Amber Sell, at 11/12/2007 9:57 PM  

The Demi Entry Table caught my eye. Very stylish looking

blogged ya:

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/12/2007 10:18 PM  

I like the Brooklyn canvas print. I think it's so cute and so chic; so mod!

By Blogger jenna, at 11/12/2007 10:26 PM  

I'm loving the antler bowls, I'm all about the modern nature lately!

By Blogger To Think is to Create, at 11/12/2007 10:55 PM  

LOVE the pillows, esp. the Rectangle Cardinal Pillow. We have a couch that has lots of pillows and I love putting cute decorative pillows on my bed.

By Blogger Jason and Caryn, at 11/13/2007 5:33 AM  

Awesome chair. I love the 'leaf' and 'grass' trunk tables. They would make a great statement.

By Blogger Two Mittens, at 11/13/2007 7:30 AM  

I love the egg chair- how cool! Breetrott at comcast dot net.

By Blogger Bree, at 11/13/2007 7:39 AM  

I LOVE the Butterfly Cabinets! I'm always looking for places to hide things! It's the OCD in me :)

By Blogger Laurie B, at 11/13/2007 8:57 AM  

I think I like the most expensive thing at the site. The Panel Bed is AMAZING! So elegant and rich!

By Blogger Emily, at 11/13/2007 10:57 AM  

Love the hotdog pillow since I have a granddog who is a wiener:)

By Blogger Linda SS, at 11/13/2007 12:13 PM  

The Eames plywood lounge chair is surprisingly comfortable, at least the ones I've tried out in stores, and the pony version here, the first I've ever seen done that way is really cool and would be a great addition to our little cowboy's room.

Gotta love the Panton chairs, such a classic, so please enter me in the contest.

By Blogger David, at 11/13/2007 12:26 PM  

I love the Elephant Canvas Print. It looks like an elephant front or a horse back. hehe.

By Blogger kazanjig, at 11/13/2007 1:01 PM  

I love the Trellis Bookcase and the fact that it has drawers. Plus it's black, which would match my decor. Oh, the books I could store on that!

breenibooks at gmail dot com

By Blogger Breeni Books, at 11/13/2007 8:03 PM  

I really like the panel bed - it's beautiful1

By Blogger Chief Family Officer, at 11/13/2007 8:34 PM  

i'm so glad you all are finding things you love on modern dose + you're as crazy about the "s" chair as i am.

papi: mod*tot can't enter darn it,
but i'm so crazy about these chairs + the buy 1 get 1 free offer, i'm dreaming of 4 orange "s" chairs at our kitchen table.

By Blogger modmom, at 11/14/2007 12:08 AM  

Oh, I love this chair. I was just admiring the "jr" version and actually blogged about it. Anyway, I love the hot dog pillow on Modern Dose because we have a cool dog theme in my son's room and the pillow would be a great accent in there. The POP dog prints would also look fantastic in his room! The chain link coasters are another fave and they'd be perfect in our study. Thanks!!!

By Anonymous Ashley, at 11/14/2007 5:44 AM  

I adore the egg chair...very smooth.

By Blogger Lisa, at 11/14/2007 12:43 PM  

This is a cool chair - I have never seen anything like it before!

By Anonymous The Mommy Blogger, at 11/14/2007 2:03 PM  

Love the egg chair

By Blogger Andrew, at 11/14/2007 4:50 PM  

Wow, what a great colour for the Panton chair! My favs over at Modern Dose are the Eames Plywood Lounge (the all wood one) and the matching coffee table. Wouldn't they look fabulous together??? Of course I'd love a vintage original set, but I don't think that's quite in my reach :)

By Blogger babyleila, at 11/14/2007 8:48 PM  

LOVING THE Wood Grain Coaster Set

taryn237 at

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/15/2007 6:06 AM  

OOPS forgot the why part :)

LOVING THE Wood Grain Coaster Set because it would bring together all our mismatched wood furniture!

taryn237 at

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/15/2007 6:19 AM  

Love the panel bed. I so desperatelly need new bedroom furniture.

By Blogger lana42102, at 11/15/2007 7:40 AM  

i like the Panel Bed because it looks so lush and will match a variety of decoration schemes and i just love that modern feel!

By Blogger dude..., at 11/15/2007 7:48 PM  

My favourite is the Egg Chair in red! Dream future chair, for certain. The Leaf Trunk Table is very much my style as well. So many good ideas there!

umiaq (at) hotmail (DOT) com

By Anonymous Pihoqahiaq, at 11/15/2007 7:56 PM  

I love the Aluminum Ribbed Lowback chair it would look great in our office and it looks like it would be really comfy too.

By Blogger krislyn5559, at 11/16/2007 6:32 AM  

ooooh, I love the Tammy Bench, but maybe it's because it's WAY out of my price range. Also love the antler bowls!

By Blogger Jules, at 11/16/2007 3:05 PM  

I love the Parsons Console and the Ball Chair. I like them because they are kind of retro and it works for me. And I love the S Chair - again retro, again totally me. My husband and best friend do not like my taste preferences but then this is my world and they just live in it *grin* No, really, I am not that big a brat.

Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone participating!

notmuchmorethanthis [at] gmail [dot] com

By Blogger LibAnn, at 11/18/2007 2:39 PM  

Count me in please!!

By Blogger Audrey, at 11/18/2007 3:12 PM  

I love anything and everything Charles & Ray did. The recliner...the lounge chair...the rocker...they're all so comfortable. And the Alabaster Deer Head! That is the coolest design ever. We have mini Panton chairs in our house, would love to have the real deal to match.

By Anonymous Kristin, at 11/18/2007 10:27 PM  

i like the panton chair- modern and sleek. my other favorite products are the Eames chair and the Ball chair. we have a modern house and any of these would be a great addition!

By Blogger lev53211, at 11/19/2007 5:57 AM  

Wow what a fantastic shop! Score, Mod*Mom!

I've always been a fan of the basic Eames coffee table and just may need one after I am realizing that a glass table was a stupid move with two sticky-handed children.

But that pony ottoman...that's killer.

By Blogger Mom101, at 11/19/2007 6:45 AM  

great idea! great store! GREAT CHAIR!!! i love verner panton! i worked for a contemporary interior architect and showroom. so i had the opportunity to be surrounded by modern gems all day!

my faves of the store are 3: the S chair!, the ball chair, and the wire/lounge (bertoia) chair.

(i subscribed to the newsletter too!)

:-) reneeholiday (at) hot mail

By Blogger renee holiday, at 11/19/2007 7:08 AM  

My favorite is actually the Panton chair. Would love to have a set for the dining room. But one is a good start...


By Blogger ola, at 11/19/2007 10:43 AM  

My fav...that's easy. Eames lounge chair. I dream of the day I can afford to get one of these -- the most comfortable chair ever and so classic. The panton give away also caught my eye because I thought it would be very cool to put a couple outside on the deck. I'm going to check out this website in lots more detail -- it would be so great to have a reliable source for good quality reproductions since so much of the great modern furniture is so $$$$ Sadly, it's hard to justify the price tag for great design.

By Anonymous Amanda, at 11/19/2007 1:30 PM  

My favorites are the Egg Chair and the Trellis bookcase!

By Blogger Nan, at 11/19/2007 6:25 PM  

The Ball Chair!!!!
And the S chair in glossy orange ;0 )

By Anonymous Annie, at 11/19/2007 9:35 PM  

Fabulous giveaway Mod*mom.
My favorites at Modern Dose are the Eames Molded Plywood Chair, S chair, Egg Chair and Barcelona Chair.
raycalvino at

By Anonymous Ray, at 11/19/2007 9:38 PM  

Why? Because I like taffy. that is all.

By Blogger BLDawley, at 11/20/2007 5:16 AM  

J'adore the black and white pouf! takes me to another place!

By Blogger patty-jean, at 11/20/2007 1:25 PM  

I love the wire bar stools, and the eames rocking chair. Great style and look for a room.

jphoto at gmail dot com

By Blogger julia, at 11/21/2007 10:19 AM  

My Modern Dose favourites have to include to Dog Pop Art, which is adorable! The Quba Daybed, the Barcelona chair, and the Ghost Chandelier. I love so many things on the site but those have to be my favourite! I would love to see those all together in a room, I think they are unique, classic, and eclectic pieces that go together very nicely.
My email is and my site is Thanks!

By Anonymous Margarita, at 11/22/2007 5:12 AM  

Me likey the arc lamp, it's timeless, but then again so is Eames, Panton and Marimekko. I was just looking in Mid Century Modern and that lamp stood out to me. I also like the simplicity of the elephant canvas. As a child I had a fabric peice on my wall which is probably part of where I get my style from today. The S chair is "candy", that's the only word I can use to describe it. My kids would love this too, if I'd let them sit in it, lol. Again, thanks for the opportunity, no one else does giveaways like you.

By Blogger fatoosh31, at 11/22/2007 7:49 AM  

Sure I'm a sucker for Danish furniture, Panton etc, but I think I'll go American this time so I'll say the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. It's such a beautiful piece of classic furniture that it really needs no explanation. OK, it seems comfortable too.

PS I thought it was more expensive than that actually.

By Blogger P-E Fronning, at 11/22/2007 5:10 PM  

I love the tasha pendant lamp! Something about seeing something that is traditionally one color (white) in something so different makes it really pop and catch the eye. I love it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/22/2007 7:48 PM  

I love the plywood lounge chair. It is so sleek, and doesn't look like it takes up much room, yet it also looks comfortable. Thanks for offering the S chair as a prize, it is awesome too!

By Anonymous Amy, at 11/25/2007 1:14 PM  

The Demi entry table is beautiful! And I have just the spot for it.

By Blogger Thomas Donnelly, at 11/25/2007 9:29 PM  

Chalkals Invasion - cause my kids draw on the walls anyway.

The Ball Chair because I am a child of the 60's.

I am impressed with your giveaways!

lbraley AT yahoo

By Blogger KentuckyGal, at 11/28/2007 5:48 AM  

I love the egg chair in that berry red beautiful! This site is awesome!

By Blogger Heather Casey, at 11/28/2007 12:46 PM  

I love these chairs. My favorite is the Egg Chair. I once had one of these, it is so comfy.

By Blogger mmc67, at 11/28/2007 3:38 PM  

I love the green elephant print and this green chair. Really cool. Cousin Heidi

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/28/2007 4:48 PM  

I'm a huge fan of the Ball Chair! How cool is that piece!? Also, I'm digging the free form sofa & ottoman.We are using my husband's barstools from his tacky bachelor days. So, to have a cool set of wire or aluminum barstools- for our friends to sit at- would be awesome!!

By Blogger Marquel, at 11/29/2007 11:09 AM  

The prints! I lurve the prints. Especially the "Elephant Canvas Print - Green."
ozthecat @ gmail .com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/30/2007 7:13 AM  

The mod rocker and egg chair. I like the s-chair in flat black. All seem like they would be great for snuggling with the little guys.

By Anonymous jubgulia, at 11/30/2007 8:57 AM  

I love love LOVE the hot dog pillow set! It makes me smile :)

fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

By Anonymous fidget, at 11/30/2007 9:57 AM  

I was a virgin blogger, until I accidentally came across your site. Modern furniture.. AND giveaways? Well worth me finally stepping over into the modern world to tell you what I like most about ModernDose. I think the white alabaster deer head is hilariously endearing. I'm thinking about getting one for a big white wall in my sometimes a little too modern home. It's begging for something whimsical. Do you think Eichler would have opposed? I also like the lucy totem stool, because it could easily double as a side table as well (and a great color, too). Thanks for this opportunity!

By Anonymous christina, at 11/30/2007 7:00 PM  

I love the coral bowl because it gives a nice marine theme to the dining table :D

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2007 12:39 PM  

i love the the Chalkals invasion. its totally cool .and fun and function!

By Blogger kitsgirl, at 12/01/2007 5:26 PM  

i love the the butterfly cabinents.

By Blogger kitsgirl, at 12/01/2007 5:38 PM  

I like the ball chair the best although with such great products it is very hard to pick just one.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2007 5:56 PM  

The Hootie decal is awsome!!

I blogged ya too :

By Blogger angelaandconnor at, at 12/01/2007 7:08 PM  

My favorite is the Panton S Chair with Saarrin Tulip Chair running a close second and the the Ball Chair comes in third.

I really love Modern Dose for there prices! They offer such great pieces at prices that are really "within reach".

nicoleandadam at

By Blogger Nicole, at 12/02/2007 7:02 AM  

I can't decide between the Winter Owl and the Butterfly cabinet; I want both!!!

By Anonymous herblady, at 12/02/2007 11:57 AM  

The butterfly cabinet please!

By Blogger tAnYeTTa, at 12/02/2007 12:06 PM  

the new design is quite excellent in the s design would love to win this to put in my daughter new house.

By Blogger Jcollaird at aol dot com, at 12/02/2007 5:08 PM  

I love the Tammy Bench! Modern but I love the lattice work.

By Blogger Meldrims, at 12/03/2007 6:35 AM  

Modern Dose is fabulous - We love the leather poufs! They are so fun and great for additional seating...We would love the S chair in glossy white for our daughter's room!

By Anonymous Rachel, at 12/03/2007 8:10 AM  

That site is fab! Love the little chair! The Pouf caught my eye; I'm a photog that works out of my home so it would do double duty - my family + my clients would love it. Thanks for the contest!
cokelush (at) gmail (dot) com

By Blogger Robin, at 12/03/2007 8:18 AM  

Chalkals - Hootie, Elephant Canvas Print - Orange, Brooklyn - Orange

By Blogger Holly, at 12/03/2007 1:42 PM  

Ohhhh my God I soooo love the Egg chair!! Wow! Now THAT is THE LIFE!! :)) Would love to win this cool 'S' chair!

By Blogger Doreen, at 12/03/2007 7:30 PM  

When we were kids, we didn't have a fireplace, so on Christmas every year my mom would tape the looping "Yule Log" on TV and play it back all winter. The CAMPFIRE PILLOW at moderndose brings me back. I also love the dog prints, which are much like vicariously having a dog.

- Erika

By Blogger Erika, at 12/03/2007 7:48 PM  

The Ball Chair is my absolute favorite!!! The reason: I used to love the movie Dazed and Confused (back when I was both dazed and confused LOL). And they had a similar chair in the movie. Ever since, I have always wanted one. SOOOO cool!!
My email is sewilliams74 (at) aol (dot) com

By Blogger Sarah W., at 12/03/2007 8:36 PM  

This is an amazing giveaway! I love so many of Modern Dose's pieces. Grass Trunk Table is so clever. The Mirielle urns are oooh la la lovely. This is such a rad shop!

By Blogger heather h, at 12/03/2007 9:50 PM  

ball chair

By Blogger cute, at 12/03/2007 10:09 PM  

The egg chair (in red) is my favorite! It would go perfectly with my living room!

By Blogger lusciousnis, at 12/04/2007 7:29 AM  

I love the antler bowl. It goes with the decor of our living room "modern lodge". We just got a carved wooden moose head and now I may have to get an antler bowl.


By Anonymous fabes7477, at 12/05/2007 6:30 AM  

I love the egg chair, but the Panton chair has always been my favorite.

By Blogger MNDawn, at 12/05/2007 7:25 AM  

The Panton Chair is my favorite. I was going to buy one today, but they are no longer running the two-for- one special :-(

By Blogger Julia, at 12/05/2007 9:42 AM  

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By Blogger hautenature*, at 12/13/2007 12:16 AM  

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