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These orange flowers are my fav!
Followed closely by the woodgrain.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/20/2008 11:55 AM  

Hmm, I think the bugs, in yellow, would look faboo on my van. I hope I win!!

By Blogger Smellyann, at 6/20/2008 12:00 PM  

When we first got our minivan, I threatened to have flames installed down the side so I *love* this idea! I like the orange and blue flowers, and also the yellow bugs.

great product!

ramona AT bean-design DOT com
making things pretty

By Blogger ramona, at 6/20/2008 12:02 PM  

My husband will probably kill me, but I'm the one who drives the van all day every day, so I'd go with the white flowers. I think it would be awesome to see my husband driving the mini with white flowers on it!

staceyheneveld AT mac DOT com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/20/2008 12:11 PM  

the vines, leaves, etc. in green! It would be a cool green tone effect on my darker green car!

By Blogger mel, at 6/20/2008 12:23 PM  

I like the flower designs, esp. in orange and aqua. I like white too but it wouldn't show up on my white car!

By Blogger jenna, at 6/20/2008 12:24 PM  

it's a tie between the floral in woodgrain and bugs in white. Either one would look awesome on my car :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/20/2008 12:25 PM  

Oh, I love them all, but the one featured on their homepage is my fave. How cool would the minivan be with these decals? Much much cooler!

By Blogger Amstershiresauce, at 6/20/2008 12:45 PM  

What a great idea.
I love all three designs in white, but the bugs is the cutest by far. Really cute.

By Blogger Lisa, at 6/20/2008 2:16 PM  

I would love the Leaves, Branches, and Vines in white to add to my red mom-car.
beccachristensen at hotmail dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/20/2008 3:10 PM  

Oh. so. cool!
I would totally do an assortment (kind of like the one on their homepage) in woodgrain. That would look so great on my soccer-mom-van :D

By Blogger Wendy, at 6/20/2008 5:27 PM  

I like the leaves, branches & vines.

By Blogger melonkelli, at 6/20/2008 5:38 PM  

I would have to say the white bugs. I already have a butterfly on my window, so it would tie in real nice. Thanks for the contest.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2008 5:06 AM  

These are great! I was looking at them trying to think of the color of my car and what they would look like on it. I think I like the orange but think I would need white or yellow to look best. Leaves and Branches are nice, but then you would need the flowers and bugs to go with it huh? What a great idea, I love it!

peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2008 5:38 AM  

what a great way to make a momma wagon look a little more interesting.
our fav is the green leaves, trees, and branches. that way leaves will be green year round!
strongarmpress at gmail dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2008 5:43 AM  

I like all three designs in white, white bugs, white leaves and white flowers. The other colors are good but won't suit my car's color. I wish they had more color choices though. This is a really great concept!

By Blogger Rashmi, at 6/21/2008 5:45 AM  

We like the Leaves, Branches and vines in woodgrain or white. These are very cool and I like how the website allows you to play around with the design on the car but I would actually like to see all that is included in one package. Maybe I'm just navigating the site incorrectly...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2008 6:00 AM  

the white flowers.

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/21/2008 6:01 AM  

Wow, I love these! They remind me of vinyl wall art. I believe the white flower set would look lovely on my blackberry Fit!

By Blogger Emmie in Wonderland, at 6/21/2008 6:50 AM  

I just bought my very first BRAND NEW car after being married for 23 years. I'd love to jazz it up with the yellow butterflies and flowers. My car is sapphire blue and that would look awesome!!

By Blogger KLM39, at 6/21/2008 6:55 AM  

I like the leaves and branches in white.

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/21/2008 7:10 AM  

love all of the flower designs just great

By Blogger mverno, at 6/21/2008 8:00 AM  

Jeepers! I would love to have the flowers and bugs to make my gas pig "look" more green! Sweeeet!

By Blogger Ms. Mamma, at 6/21/2008 8:42 AM  

I really liked the leaves branches vines in white. Pretty neato idea.
inalak at msn dot com

By Blogger Jet'set, at 6/21/2008 8:54 AM  

Leaves Branches and Vines in woodgrain - thank you for the contest

By Blogger mar, at 6/21/2008 9:33 AM  

I like the BUGS in WHITE, how much fun would this be?!?

By Blogger Annie1, at 6/21/2008 10:20 AM  

I like the bugs best, but they wouldn't match my color, so I think the floral in woodgrain!


By Blogger Kristi, at 6/21/2008 10:42 AM  

the white flowers are cool,

By Blogger agordon10, at 6/21/2008 11:52 AM  

I love the green leaves and woodgrain flowers...

By Blogger Superdumb Supervillain, at 6/21/2008 11:59 AM  

Love the green leaves and vines.

By Blogger Miss Spoken, at 6/21/2008 1:36 PM  

I love the aqua flowers. It would really add some snap to my boring dark green Protege, one of about 1 million in my town! Maybe then I could find my car more easily in a parking lot!

suealex at gmail dot com

By Blogger suealex, at 6/21/2008 1:47 PM  

I've gotta choose the orange flowers. They'd really pop against our dark paint colors on our vehicles. These are so fun!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2008 3:00 PM  

I like the green lines, vines and branches.

By Blogger Reiza, at 6/21/2008 3:25 PM  


By Blogger LINDALSHOT, at 6/21/2008 4:31 PM  

I too like the "leaves, branches and vines" decals.

I thought they were all cute, but the green "natureistic" look is what apeals to me.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/21/2008 5:07 PM  

i love the white flowers. i'm just a flower girly girl

By Blogger Princess Golden Hair, at 6/21/2008 6:05 PM  

These decals are so awesome! I would pick the white flowers for my red minivan. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/21/2008 6:55 PM  

white flowers, green vines, it's all cool.

By Blogger Stephen Saunders, at 6/22/2008 2:19 AM  

White flowers. Thanks for the chance.

By Blogger idahomom, at 6/22/2008 4:46 AM  

I like the yellow bugs, they would look cute on my dinged up white car.

By Blogger sweetsue, at 6/22/2008 5:47 AM  

Orange flowers, definitely. Or green leaves!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/22/2008 5:54 AM  

My poor Grand Prix needs the yellow buggies to help it look cool!! Just think of it as donating to the ugly car fund!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/22/2008 5:59 AM  

The green leaves branches and vines are perfect.

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/22/2008 6:19 AM  

I want them all, but I'd have to choose the white bugs; I really love dragonflies and they would look great on my car!

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/22/2008 6:31 AM  

The yellow bugs would look great on my car.

By Blogger jennem, at 6/22/2008 8:26 AM  

floral in woodgrain and bugs in white

By Blogger llinda29, at 6/22/2008 9:29 AM  

I like the bugs.. and the leaves and branches.. this is a very cool idea! and I love the fact that they are removable.. I'd love to try this!

By Blogger susies, at 6/22/2008 9:39 AM  

I like the bugs.. and the leaves and branches.. this is a very cool idea! and I love the fact that they are removable.. I'd love to try this!

By Blogger susies, at 6/22/2008 9:39 AM  


By Blogger D., at 6/22/2008 9:46 AM  

Being a little buggy myself I go for Bugs.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/22/2008 10:20 AM  

white bugs

By Blogger KYbuckbuster, at 6/22/2008 10:54 AM  

I would love the white flowers

By Blogger kygirl, at 6/22/2008 4:53 PM  

Black Ford f-150. My truck, my brown flower design. I love them!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/22/2008 5:11 PM  

leaves, branches and vines in green

By Blogger kdkdkd, at 6/22/2008 5:17 PM  

White flowers for the win!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/22/2008 5:18 PM  

I like the white leaves, branches, and vines.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 2:41 AM  

Crumbs would'nt stand a chance at our house. I would love a Roomba!

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/23/2008 6:41 AM  

i like the white flowers

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 6:47 AM  

I really like the BUGS set, in white for sure because we have a black car and these would look really sweet on it!!
The FLOWERS in Orange would also be one of my favourites, I love orange on anything, even if it clashes!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 7:48 AM  

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By Blogger Sweepstakes Advantage, at 6/23/2008 8:31 AM  

I like the White bugs


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 8:36 AM  

I can't decide between the white flowers or the white bugs - too cool!


By Blogger Debbie#3, at 6/23/2008 10:08 AM  

vines and leaves in either the green or white would work
annatiffany at yahoo dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 12:23 PM  

Thanks so much for the opportunity. I like the white flowers.

By Blogger misty, at 6/23/2008 12:35 PM  

I like the yellow bugs the best they would look great on my BLACK car.

By Blogger Uniquely Yours, at 6/23/2008 1:05 PM  

Has to be the orange flowers but can I get green leaves to go with them?

By Blogger Holly, at 6/23/2008 1:27 PM  

I would LOVE to have the white bugs. My 3 boys would totally flip if we had buggies all over our car!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 2:04 PM  

Love the white bugs. Please enter me, thank you

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2008 10:11 PM  

I love the Orange Flowers!

By Blogger mogrill, at 6/23/2008 11:20 PM  

I like the flowers in either aqua or orange.

By Blogger miriama, at 6/24/2008 1:39 AM  

Very nice stickers !!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/24/2008 2:33 AM  

It was dark. Just the way I like it. My vehicle had been plastered from top to bottom with adhesive decals by my wife. It was a relief to drive out of the parking garage after all the others had left. My humiliation was known only to me and the minimum wage gate guard who looked at the psychedelic flower power montage with the hint of a grin as he opened the gate. "It looks cute!" That's what she said. She timed it with my birthday and plastered my car as a "gift." So if I peel off even one of these insipid white daisies or gold bumblebees I will find myself in divorce court faster than the paint fades irregularly on my vandalized car. I keep dreaming up new ways to get rid of them. "Honey...they came off in the car wash!" or "Crazed beatniks smoking hemp peeled them off and stole them!" But that won't work. She reads Mod-mom religiously and was sure she could surprise me. The latest dream is the best of all. I am going back in time and sabotaging my wife's chance to win the stickers. I win them instead and burn them in the biggest polymer burning, ozone depleting ritual since the last Tupperware factory fire and I need not fear divorce or the looks of co-workers.

Aaah. It may be just a dream but...well, It feels like it just might be real!

By Blogger CAPITALISM CENTRAL, at 6/24/2008 2:51 AM  

I drive a maroon hybrid. I am thinking the white flowers would jazz it up!

By Blogger bevsclark, at 6/24/2008 3:31 AM  

Oh, I love them all, but the one featured on their homepage is my fave. How cool would the minivan be with these decals? Much much cooler!

By Blogger dhunt, at 6/24/2008 1:50 PM  

I think I'd go with the white flowers if I won. I love how the combined all three sets in the picture though. Way cool! :)

Thanks for the chance to win. :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/24/2008 2:27 PM  

The "leaves, branches and vines!" are way cool. I love the green, but the white would look best on my black car. There are so many possiblities of how to make your own vine--what a fun project!


By Blogger sorchacaitlindolan, at 6/24/2008 2:41 PM  

This is a great concept - and not very expensive. I would like the flowers in white to spruce up my blue minivan. I wish there were more... like boats... or animals...

By Blogger ChefDruck, at 6/24/2008 3:40 PM  

I would love to spice up my minivan with some cool
decals. My favs are the white bugs with some white branches spread around.
Hope I win!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/24/2008 7:25 PM  

the flowers in white.... would just be so cute... and a quick jazz up to a boring old SUV.


By Blogger Kelley, at 6/25/2008 10:18 AM  

the flowers in white.... would just be so cute... and a quick jazz up to a boring old SUV.


By Blogger Kelley, at 6/25/2008 10:18 AM  

Love the woodgrain flowers. Reminds me of the station wagon with woodgrain paneling we had when I was a kid.

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/25/2008 3:29 PM  

I love the bugs! How cool!

By Blogger Traumajunky, at 6/25/2008 5:37 PM  

I like the leaves and vines...what a cool idea!

By Blogger Bebemiqui, at 6/26/2008 5:55 AM  

I love them all but our favorite is the white bugs!

By Blogger Heather, at 6/26/2008 12:29 PM  

I like the green leaves.

By Blogger Jayfr, at 6/26/2008 2:09 PM  

I really like the white flowers. Very cute idea.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/27/2008 7:57 AM  

The leaves branches and vines in green are wonderful! I like those the best for my white mom vehicle!

saegaert at bellsouth dot net

By Blogger Kristin Saegaert, at 6/27/2008 11:32 AM  

I like the white flowers.

By Blogger kitty, at 6/27/2008 3:11 PM  

Woodgrain flowers are so cute!

By Blogger Kathy, at 6/28/2008 8:11 PM  

Great idea! Definitely the bugs in white!

By Blogger pedalpower, at 6/29/2008 12:49 AM  

orange and white flowers.....what a fun idea!!

By Blogger Gretchen Magruder, at 6/29/2008 6:19 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

By Blogger ALI, at 6/29/2008 3:32 PM  

I think the flowers in aqua would be great!!! or maybe white either way they rock!

By Blogger ALI, at 6/29/2008 3:34 PM  

yellow and white

By Blogger Ohha design, at 6/30/2008 2:26 AM  

I have a purple car, gross, so I would have to go with the white flowers to make this car look good!
Help me, I am the car painter's wife so you know my car is hurting.

By Blogger Unknown, at 6/30/2008 6:48 AM  

leaves, branches and vines. oh my!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/30/2008 9:37 AM  

What a cool idea. I like it because I chnge my mind often and I can re-design my car like I do my living room.

By Blogger MicheleD., at 6/30/2008 9:37 AM  

All three designs in white - any would be good.

By Blogger Beth/Mom2TwoVikings, at 6/30/2008 12:48 PM  

I like the green leaves and vines the best.

By Blogger imjasonc, at 6/30/2008 4:22 PM  

I like the flowers in woodgrain. What can I say, I'm an 80s child and it gives me [happy] flashbacks to woodpaneled rec rooms.

By Blogger Megan, at 6/30/2008 5:22 PM  

I have a platinum mazda 5 and would love the leaves in white, how COOL!

By Blogger Hazel Martin Designs, at 7/01/2008 2:28 AM  

I like the insects in yellow, the leaves/vines in green, and the flowers in orange. Not all on the same vehicle at the same time, of course.

We have a white volvo.

onlycaycan at hotmail dot com

By Blogger CanCan, at 7/01/2008 4:47 AM  

I love the aqua flowers! Very cool!

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/01/2008 8:28 AM  

i like the bugs in yellow

By Blogger wigget, at 7/01/2008 12:50 PM  

I love these! The green vines and leaves are the best. And how can you not love those orange flowers?

By Blogger Jenean, at 7/02/2008 9:32 AM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/02/2008 5:32 PM  

Definitely the white leaves :)

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/02/2008 10:54 PM  

I love the white flowers! These would be PERFECT for my babie's 1st bday! We are doing a "surfer girl" theme and need flowers for her surfboards. We have been looking everywhere for some!

By Blogger April, at 7/03/2008 6:59 AM  

I would like the white flowers. They are really cute.

By Blogger Donna, at 7/04/2008 11:45 PM  

I also love the white flowers they would look good on the color grey!

By Blogger cpullum, at 7/05/2008 9:27 AM  

Would love to win this - thanks!!!

white bugs!!

By Blogger cdrury, at 7/05/2008 2:58 PM  

Here's vote for the white bugs.

By Blogger ky2here, at 7/06/2008 4:02 PM  

bugs in white

By Blogger bemi, at 7/06/2008 8:02 PM  

leaves in white

By Blogger chromiumman, at 7/06/2008 9:49 PM  

bugs in yellowq

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/07/2008 6:13 PM  

I like the vines and leaves

By Blogger louiseb130, at 7/08/2008 5:03 AM  

I think the "bugs" set in Yellow is too Fun! especially for summer.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/08/2008 5:34 AM  

this reminds me of the arizona decals that i've seen! great stuff!

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/08/2008 9:46 AM  

the orange flowers are kewl

By Blogger Trish, at 7/08/2008 9:51 PM  

I like the yellow bugs!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/08/2008 11:25 PM  

I like the green leaves... they're ecofriendly lol

By Blogger iggysaysno, at 7/09/2008 11:50 AM  

I love the white flowers and vines! So awesome.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/10/2008 2:44 AM  

Love the orange or aqua flowers...very cute!

By Blogger Sara G, at 7/10/2008 8:09 AM  

I like the white or aqua flowers. Neat website though I wish they had more designs to choose from. And I would like to have a bright pink design on my car :)

By Blogger Christian Kay, at 7/10/2008 8:38 AM  

I love the leaves branches and vines in white and the flowers in white. Sooo gorgeous!

By Blogger mtnarky, at 7/10/2008 8:24 PM  

This is so neat - would be cool for my little tiny silver Metro.

Mary H

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/10/2008 10:16 PM  


By Blogger sewingmema, at 7/11/2008 4:03 PM  

With all boys I am liking the bugs. Please and thank you.

By Blogger idahodad7, at 7/11/2008 4:19 PM  

The flowers with butterflies in white or yellow will look great on my vehicle. Just love all the designs.
Thanks for the artsy giveaway.

By Blogger Tinkerbellie, at 7/12/2008 12:31 AM  

These would look fabulous on my Mercedes!

By Blogger Ljublijana, at 7/12/2008 2:57 AM  

Too cute and different!! I love the Bugs, in white on my red saab. This would look so cool. Count me in to win

By Blogger matternu, at 7/12/2008 1:53 PM  

I like the bugs!

By Blogger NesieBird, at 7/12/2008 4:46 PM  

this would look great on my SUV!! My boys would love the BUGS!! DSont think my daughter will!! Would be FUN!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/12/2008 5:56 PM  

I love the leaves, branches and vines! Thanks for the contest!

By Blogger Kyle Banderman, at 7/12/2008 8:02 PM  

Love the yellow bugs! Thanks!!

By Blogger Miz Vickik, at 7/12/2008 8:12 PM  

anything to make driving the minivan a little more hip is OK with me! Love the leaf branches and vines

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/12/2008 8:43 PM  

I would love to put the white flowers and vines and leave decal on my grey :), those look really cool and they look nice on the website though. It would have been nice to see the effects of the other decals on the website too.

By Blogger PMA, at 7/12/2008 9:52 PM  

I think the green leaves and vines would look great on my gold minivan! (my husband might think otherwise1) But hey at least I am not doing all three sets and making a mural of it on the van!)

Thank you for the contest!

By Blogger Stanza Rae, at 7/13/2008 12:27 AM  

I want the yellow bug set. Cool!!!

By Blogger pitaharmon, at 7/13/2008 6:55 AM  

I would love to have the aqua or white bugs. My hybrid would look so cute with those!!

By Blogger Paulapet55, at 7/13/2008 7:59 AM  

I really like the orange flowers!
The woodgrain pattern is also nice

africamp AT live DOT com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/13/2008 10:26 AM  

I like the vines, leaves, etc.

By Blogger tjgorilla, at 7/13/2008 11:15 AM  

I have a white van and would love the aqua flowers. I also like the combo. idea though. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

By Blogger Bakersdozen, at 7/13/2008 11:31 AM  

I have to say I would want a set of each pattern for my van. I would use the leaves and flowers with vines on the bottom and then sprinkle in a few bugs.

By Blogger alegnahas3, at 7/13/2008 1:05 PM  

I would love to have vines and leaves all over my PT cruiser.

By Blogger retc, at 7/13/2008 1:25 PM  

I love the white vines and leaves and butterflies! What an awesome giveaway!

By Blogger Shelly, at 7/13/2008 2:18 PM  

I like the leaves, Branches, and Vines in white.

By Blogger calgirl, at 7/13/2008 3:18 PM  

I love the flowers in orange.
Thanks so much!

By Blogger Susan W, at 7/13/2008 3:53 PM  

White flowers

By Blogger Living in Alaska, at 7/13/2008 4:40 PM  

I like the aqua flowers

By Blogger Twall82, at 7/13/2008 5:05 PM  

I would choose the bug decals.

By Blogger kinchst, at 7/13/2008 5:09 PM  

yellow bugs

By Blogger cdmarteny, at 7/13/2008 6:14 PM  

I LOVE the yellow bugs! So cool!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/13/2008 7:21 PM  

I am a fun mom of 4 boys and we always have alot of fun in the van but my van needs some fun on the outside! Orange would be cool!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/13/2008 7:22 PM  

I love butterflies so I would have colorful butteflies cover my van :)

By Blogger Marlena, at 7/13/2008 7:25 PM  

Aren't these the coolest? My car is white, so any color would work. I'd choose the orange flowers. They'd stand out really nice. :)

By Blogger K. Cleaver, at 7/13/2008 8:00 PM  

I like the green leaves and vines. It's great looking!

By Blogger Jinxy and Me, at 7/13/2008 8:02 PM  

I love the orange flowers! They would look so cute on my white Explorer!

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/13/2008 8:12 PM  

the bugs in yellow are so great!

By Blogger Samantha P, at 7/13/2008 9:06 PM  

I love the bugs in yellow too.

By Blogger Renee G, at 7/13/2008 9:49 PM  

I love the yellow Bugs.

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/13/2008 9:57 PM  

I love the woodgrain the best. I would choose the flowers because that is my favorite!

By Blogger Helen, at 7/13/2008 10:38 PM  

What a kewl site, I love the bugs, the yellow butterflies. Thanks for the contest

By Blogger Sharon, at 7/13/2008 11:50 PM  

White Bugs!!! Oh, my Mom's Club will LOVE this!!

By Blogger emc, at 7/14/2008 3:18 AM  

The Orange Flowers are our fave. Very cool!

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/14/2008 3:55 AM  

i like the orange flowers

By Blogger klp1965, at 7/14/2008 6:34 AM  

i loove the aqua flowers!

By Blogger Jolene, at 7/14/2008 6:35 AM  

My family could get into the BUGS in any color, but maybe yellow most.

By Blogger Brooke, at 7/14/2008 7:08 AM  

My family could get into the BUGS in any color, but maybe yellow most.

By Blogger Brooke, at 7/14/2008 7:08 AM  

I liked the Leaves, Branches and Vines in white.

By Blogger Steph, at 7/14/2008 9:39 AM  

These are too cool!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/14/2008 12:01 PM  

This is a great idea for adding some creativity to boring automobiles. I especially like the aqua flowers. They would Just POP on my car.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/14/2008 12:06 PM  

i really like the leaves branches and vines in green, those would look so cool on my car!

By Blogger Unknown, at 7/14/2008 12:52 PM  

What a great idea!!! I like the white leaves/branches/vines - would go with any color car!

Thank you very much for the opportunity to win this!

By Blogger Mariann, at 7/14/2008 3:48 PM  

I heart the flowers and bugs:)

By Blogger masonsgranny59, at 7/14/2008 6:20 PM  

I love the white flowers!

By Blogger lilyk, at 7/14/2008 7:28 PM  

These orange flowers are my fav!

By Blogger Tim Sternberg, at 7/14/2008 9:03 PM  

If you fancy to see some other cool car stickers like:
flower sticker
burning lion sticker
scorpion sticker
Obviously thay are all fully customizable: color, size ...
Feel free !

By Blogger Unknown, at 12/18/2009 9:24 AM  

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