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I've always wanted to do this! I'm so glad to know it's easy and have instructions so I can get my whole family started. We're spread around the country and I'd love to see them on my computer like the Jetson's.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/14/2008 5:30 PM  

Oh my favorite feature would be to see each other as we're talking, because a lot of time passes when we can't get together.
My email is

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/14/2008 5:32 PM  

My husband and I LOVE skype because we can talk to our relatives long-distance and it doesn't cost anything. Heck, we even talk to people in Australia and Italy for nothing!

By Blogger jenna, at 3/14/2008 7:21 PM  

We've seen moved away from lots of family and they're always asking about the kiddies, so this would be great for them to see their relatives and vice-a-versa! :) Plus, the calls are free - how cool!

By Blogger kevnjacks, at 3/14/2008 7:28 PM  

I love this because my tech savvy relatives in Poland and Ireland are all on Skype and it makes communication so much easier. We tried it with my husbands family in Mexico, and our old technology (our cam & micro are terrible, so we don't use it)with new tech like Skype just don't work!

By Blogger Ursula, at 3/14/2008 7:29 PM  

We have been using Skype to communicate with our family and friends for over three years now. My mom, sister, and I use the instant messaging feature a LOT! We are spread thousands of miles apart, but with the typing of just a few lines, we can check on each other, ask a quick question, share a link, or whatever. It seems silly, but we also love the emoticons and get excited whenever Skype adds more.

We also use the video chat capability, but we are short one camera at my mom's house to make it possible for her to see her grandchildren and for them to see her. It has worked well for my sister and also the other set of grandparents. Voice capability is nice, but with video, the kids can share a new toy, hairstyle, lost tooth, or whatever.

You sure can't beat the cost of "free" for all of these features. I have recommended Skype to many people.

michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

By Blogger michelle, at 3/15/2008 4:29 AM  

Wow I never really knew much about skype except that it used the internet, but after checking out the website I am impressed with the features. My favorite features are the the online number and the ability to sent text messages.

By Blogger MadMom, at 3/15/2008 6:00 AM  

I'm liking the Skype Pro plan for $3 a month, it's insane!!!
# Nothing per minute landline calls For calls to landlines within your country.
# €30 discount on a personal online number A SkypeIn number that lets people call you at local rates.
# Voicemail – never miss a call
Pick up messages when you’re busy or offline.

All this sounds too good to be true..

Count me in on this giveaway!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/15/2008 6:19 AM  

This would be so useful to us! We are getting ready to move out of the country. It would be nice to be able to talk with our family while we are there :)

By Blogger Brandy, at 3/15/2008 9:32 AM  

You can talk to anyone, anywhere for free! What's not to love! My website URL has my email address!

By Blogger Jessica Turner, at 3/15/2008 12:32 PM  

My favorite feature is that it is free to talk to anyone anywhere. It is also great to be able to see each other while talking!

By Blogger Jinxy and Me, at 3/15/2008 12:39 PM  

I'd love this - I moved across the Atlantic 2 years ago and I can't afford to call my friends and family back home much... I'd love to be able to speak to my sister every day!
I like that you can use it as a hands-free phone - and also that you can import all your contacts from hotmail etc.
Very cool!
dizzydaisy2000 at

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/15/2008 2:10 PM  

I love the new ringtones, it adds a lot to Skype.

Mary_Freebies == internationalfreebies AT gmail DOT com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/15/2008 3:08 PM  

Well, I've just begun using Skype and I only have a free account so I'll say being able to make free video calls all over the globe. Skype is a great service.

By Blogger Martin Klasch, at 3/15/2008 3:54 PM  

I've never used Skype so I didn't realize that video conferencing had gotten so easy. Wow! I would love to use it to keep in touch with family, especially since Roo is erratic on the phone. I think she would be more interested in having a conversation if she could see the person on the other end...

By Blogger Superdumb Supervillain, at 3/15/2008 7:27 PM  

I like that it is free! (at least as long as you are talking to another computer. This would be great to have as we are having a baby in June and all of the grandparents live out of state! Thanks.

lucycontest at

By Blogger Lucy, at 3/15/2008 7:34 PM  

This is awesome! Thanks it would really come in handy since my family is all over the US. Not many of us can afford to stay on the phone for hours long distance.

By Blogger Uniquely Yours, at 3/15/2008 8:07 PM  

Talking to my mom over video would be amazing...I see her a week or two a year, so our weekly Sunday call would be so much more fun if I could see the family! They all have din/movie Sunday nights while I'm across the country.

This reminds me of those futuristic movies where they always have video phones, and look! It's finally here!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/15/2008 8:37 PM  

Love the video function so I can see who I'm chatting with.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/15/2008 9:14 PM  

Definitely the test messaging... thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

By Blogger NSMOM, at 3/15/2008 9:32 PM  

I am a Brit living in japan and Skype is a godsend being able to chat to friends and family and for them to see my little boy growing up.
jojoebi at gmail dot com

By Blogger jojoebi-designs, at 3/15/2008 10:39 PM  

I love the conferencing! It seems you can't have more than five participants, though? I wish they'd raise that.

I *much* prefer teleconferences via Skype, which can be easily recorded for future reference, to actual telephone conferences.

By Blogger technomom, at 3/15/2008 10:58 PM  

Skype rocks!

By Blogger mitchelleem, at 3/16/2008 5:51 AM  

I'm not really familiar with Skype, but I think it would be great to video conference since our son's grandparents live out of town. Thanks!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 5:59 AM  

Video calls and instant messaging are my favorite functions and features - thank you

By Blogger mar, at 3/16/2008 6:15 AM  

It's free!!! That's the best function I can think of. It'd be awesome to let my hubby talk to his best friend in D.C. and see his daughter on video, all for free! Thanks! ( )

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 6:48 AM  

i have experienced this video and IM and want to own it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 6:51 AM  

This is a global program and I have made many friends around the world. This has helped me get medical information from other countries who have the same problems as family members. The more info the better. I can actually see the results if this person uses the medication. Great program.

By Blogger diesel51, at 3/16/2008 6:55 AM  

I am going to the olympics in china .It will be useful there to keep in contact.

By Blogger danosor, at 3/16/2008 7:07 AM  

This sounds wonderful

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 7:39 AM  

What a great idea!! My child would LOVE to be able to talk to friends and grandparents.

By Blogger Kyliebleu, at 3/16/2008 7:44 AM  

Skype hands down

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 8:18 AM  

I love their low rates

By Blogger toasters lie, at 3/16/2008 8:34 AM  

I think the combination of voice mail (can't live without!) and being able to actually SEE who you are talking to are great features - combine this with the "cost" and you can't beat it!

Thanks for all your GREAT giveaways!

sajdakota at

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 8:39 AM  

Great giveaway!!!

By Blogger Michw37, at 3/16/2008 9:21 AM  

cheap text messages

dolls123 (at) gmail (dot) com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 9:25 AM  

Being able to see the other person.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/16/2008 9:44 AM  

Being able to see who you're talking to is GREAT!! Shari

By Blogger Shari, at 3/16/2008 9:51 AM  

Love Skype, it is really going to revolutionize how we are able to see and speak to anyone around the world. Oprah's book club is an example of how Skype can reach a wide audience simutaniously

By Blogger rewcath, at 3/16/2008 9:51 AM  

I love the fact that I can talk to long distant relatives and friends. :)

By Blogger HilLesha O'Nan, at 3/16/2008 9:52 AM  

I would like to use Skype to talk to my friends overseas.

By Blogger Fangirl Jen, at 3/16/2008 10:17 AM  

Free overseas phone calls is my favorite feature. My husband's family lives and Poland and this would be a way for us to keep in touch with them.

By Blogger ezmerelda, at 3/16/2008 10:25 AM  

Free calls to friends in Europe, South Africa, Israel... even Kazakhstan! I love Skype.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/16/2008 10:39 AM  

I love Skype its very customizable and can call people! I can sign in and automatically see what my group of friends have been texting without feeling left out.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 11:29 AM  

I'm moving to Arizona this summer, and I'm leaving my 84 year old Dad behind. It breaks my heart ( and his too). Until I can convince him to move to AZ too, this would be a great way to stay in touch. Thank God he's computer savvy!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 11:37 AM  

I like to see who I'm talking to, how cool is that?!

By Blogger sadiellen, at 3/16/2008 11:52 AM  

i love skype because I can talk with my friends that lives so far away, and even could see his baby boy, just like they´re here...

By Blogger Angela, at 3/16/2008 12:49 PM  

I like the feature of being able to see who I'm talking too.

By Blogger susan1215, at 3/16/2008 1:01 PM  

I just love the video..kinda like Jane Jetson...I wonder if I could get one of those fake faces she used to have for answering the

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 1:16 PM  

My favorite thing about Skype is being able to talk with my friends in Europe for free... it's better than just chatting online, but I still like that too!
Skype rocks!
Marissa :)
md-sweeps (at) hotmail (d0t) com

By Blogger Marissa, at 3/16/2008 1:17 PM  

my husband's brother is over in india right now and we'd love to be able to keep in touch with him.

By Blogger Princess Golden Hair, at 3/16/2008 2:19 PM  

I love the video calls. Our daughter is turning 1 in a month and we live 5+ hours from both of our families. They have missed out a lot on her growing up. This feature would be great for her to be able to see her grandparents more often so that when they visit her she would be more familiar with them. katebeth45 (at) gmail

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 2:25 PM  

I really like the video feature as well. My best friend's teaching in Korea this year, and it's nice to be able to talk/see her rather than just IMing. Thanks!

By Blogger amwhiteh, at 3/16/2008 2:47 PM  

I am going to pick up our daughter we are adopting from Kyrgyzstan this summer and will be away from hubby and son for 10 days. We are planning to get Skype so they can see and talk to their daughter/sister and I can talk to them while I'm gone. We are so excited that this technology is available for us since the cost of travel for all of us is prohibitive and since I will miss them terribly!!
Visit our blog at

By Blogger Maria, at 3/16/2008 2:51 PM  

I think the best feature of skype is the ability to conference with people that is using skype and people that is using regular phone at the same time, because there are always some people that is not as tech savvy, and they simply do not know how to use computer or prefer using regular phone. My Email is

By Blogger FaHaKa, at 3/16/2008 3:26 PM  

we can talk to our brother-in-law in Finland

By Blogger agordon10, at 3/16/2008 3:45 PM  

Happy Sunday! I have just recently learned a little about Skype. I like the fact that it has the same calling rate any time of the day, any day of the week. Because we have hosted international students, we can keep in touch with them much more! If both
people are on Skye, it is free. It hosts 28 languages. Finally, for around $30.00 a year, an individual can get a skypein phone number and voice mail is available. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

By Blogger windycindy, at 3/16/2008 3:57 PM  

the video makes things so much more personal...I love the idea!

By Blogger Erica C., at 3/16/2008 4:07 PM  

You can't beat the price! Could there be a better feature?

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/16/2008 4:14 PM  

I love the fact that I can speak to and SEE my friend that lives in Rome since I only get to visit her about every other year. Great idea!!

By Blogger KCHEEFEY, at 3/16/2008 4:15 PM  

Love that I can talk to and see my friend in Europe.

By Blogger KCHEEFEY, at 3/16/2008 4:21 PM  

Video feature so we can stay in touch with Dad when he's out of town. Great for the kids.

By Blogger Jill, at 3/16/2008 4:44 PM  

I wonder if I could see who I am talking to.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 4:45 PM  

My girlfriend has been asking me to get one of this so can talk online... I really want this!

By Blogger edeliz, at 3/16/2008 6:07 PM  

Oh, I'd love this! My daughter's father is in the Army and one of my dearest friends is in Sweden (the per minute charge is heart-stopping). It would be nice to make less expensive calls to loved ones around the globe.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 6:11 PM  

Free calls to friends & family in Europe :)

By Blogger cdmtx, at 3/16/2008 6:16 PM  

Being able to see the person you're talking to.

By Blogger DePro, at 3/16/2008 6:27 PM  

i would realy love this so that my little one's dad can see her since we live so fav a way from each other.

By Blogger jenny, at 3/16/2008 6:43 PM  

I love the free long distance calls, its fantastic!

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/16/2008 7:10 PM  

these are too cool, I'd love one of these.

By Blogger barbmccrea, at 3/16/2008 8:38 PM  

i think all the functions and featurea are great some of my family have something like this,this sounds easy to use .i'd like my kids to meet and talk to the family they have never met.

By Blogger TheresaJenkins, at 3/16/2008 8:46 PM  

We have close friends who live all over the world and Skype has been the most amazing way to keep in touch. Being able to actually hear someone else's voice is priceless. But the low cost of the calls is definitely the best feature for us, since we can afford to talk to our friends all the time now. Thanks!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 9:18 PM  

Where else can you get free calls?

By Blogger Pat Schraier, at 3/16/2008 9:21 PM  

i like that i can call my mom in mexico for free and i can talk to her as long as i like. no hassles or anything. good deal! :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 9:28 PM  

Keep an eye on things. As well as talk for free.

By Blogger Whippeteer, at 3/16/2008 10:19 PM  

Of course the thing I love the most is the COST! Can't beat it!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/2008 10:21 PM  

I love the feature of seeing the person. That is so neat.

By Blogger Bidchka, at 3/16/2008 10:23 PM  

fave thing is seeing each other... hope I win!

By Blogger Mystnrayne, at 3/16/2008 10:31 PM  

i love the ringtones.

By Blogger strawberry3d, at 3/16/2008 10:41 PM  

i love that you can see people while talking to them!

By Blogger KeirBear, at 3/16/2008 10:57 PM  

I love their low rates

By Blogger Bandbabe, at 3/16/2008 11:04 PM  

that my kids could see distant family instead of just talking

By Blogger noreen, at 3/16/2008 11:26 PM  

family is on the east coast. we need this.

By Blogger *Tanyetta*, at 3/16/2008 11:51 PM  

I'd love to be able to see my kids when I talk to them.

By Blogger clc408, at 3/17/2008 3:22 AM  

i love the idea of being able to see family... we are military, and we move around... what a shocker... soo we have family and friends literally all over.. :) and now with newborn twins, it'd be nice to be able to see and be seen... well at least the girls can be seen... lol... mommy can lurk in the corner.. lol..

By Blogger Lisa C., at 3/17/2008 3:54 AM  

Our son is stationed in Iraq and just told us about Skype. We'd love to use it, but don't have a webcam or headset. This would be tooooo cool!

By Blogger katchkaj, at 3/17/2008 4:04 AM  

I've only used Skype at friends' houses, and it is great to see people when you're talking to them. We have family all over the world, so it would be great for them to see how our daughter is growing and changing every day. :)

By Blogger Waldeck Dry Goods, at 3/17/2008 4:57 AM  

If I knew people could see me, I might get out of my pajamas.

By Blogger idahomom, at 3/17/2008 6:00 AM  

What is Skype?

peragine (at) gmail(dot)com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/17/2008 6:44 AM  

low cost :0)

By Blogger Alice, at 3/17/2008 7:51 AM  

I am attending grad school online so this would be great for "group"projects!

By Blogger suzzcq70, at 3/17/2008 7:59 AM  

My brothers family is stationed overseas in Germany and currently my brother is in Kuwaitt. My sister in law had a baby last year in March and I still have not been able to see her. The video feature would be perfect for us to keep in touch and to see her new baby and my nephews.

By Blogger kmbennet, at 3/17/2008 8:02 AM  

I've heard of Skype but have never tried it yet. I would love to give it a try because it would be so nice to be able to talk with my friends in Thailand and see them, too (or at least they will see me :)).

By Blogger LivingforGod, at 3/17/2008 8:29 AM  

We have friends moving to Switzerland this summer and they have just introduced us to SKYPE. They use it to talk with their parents in South America, so they don't miss a moment of seeing their grandchildren grow up across the world. We have a microphone/speaker but would love to have the camera, so our boys will be able to really talk to one another in an ultra-cool way! Thanks for the entry!

By Blogger Laura B, at 3/17/2008 8:30 AM  

I like how it's free to talk to anyone anywhere.

By Blogger imjasonc, at 3/17/2008 8:54 AM  

My favorite thing about Skype is that it lets me read my kids bedtime stories whilel I'm traveling.


By Blogger Betsy, at 3/17/2008 11:21 AM  

I like that it's free! Seeing my children while I'm out would be a definite plus!!!!

By Blogger rebeccahuff, at 3/17/2008 11:37 AM  

this would be so nice - our family is scattered all over! It would be so wonderful to talk to my brothers and see them

tiramisu392 (at)

By Blogger bison61, at 3/17/2008 12:33 PM  

A friend in Spain is really into this and it would be great to be able to chat with her. love the personal online number feature.

By Blogger Cori, at 3/17/2008 1:28 PM  

its ease of use

By Blogger maweisberg, at 3/17/2008 2:30 PM  

Ease of use and cost!

By Blogger mousitch, at 3/17/2008 2:50 PM  

Easy usage!

By Blogger mogrill, at 3/17/2008 3:27 PM  

I like the video feature.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/17/2008 4:15 PM  

Video Phone

By Blogger tom343, at 3/17/2008 4:39 PM  

Our families have been on our case to Skype for a while now - this would be the motivation to finally do it.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/17/2008 4:59 PM  

I have never used Skype but have heard great things about it. Thanks.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/17/2008 6:22 PM  

It's affordable and easy to use

By Blogger Jessilyn82, at 3/17/2008 8:50 PM  

Free PC calling

By Blogger jlafount, at 3/17/2008 9:19 PM  

Never used it but it seems awesome!I would LOVE it!

By Blogger kristilb19, at 3/17/2008 9:36 PM  

my kids would love to be able to make free video calls! talk about living in the future :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/17/2008 9:47 PM  

We use Skype and our Logitech camera to stay in touch with Grandparents and other family members. Due to a tight budget, my sister just barely got internet at home. (A blogging addict like me doesn't know how she's kept her sanity without it.) I'd love to give her this camera. It would be the perfect way for my daughter and I to keep in touch more regularly with her and her two little boys.

By Blogger Becca, at 3/18/2008 6:24 AM  

You can talk, chat or make video calls for nothing

By Blogger DOODLEGIRL, at 3/18/2008 7:42 AM  

Please enter me! I love the video cam feature. Thanks.

By Blogger Annette, at 3/18/2008 2:07 PM  

My sons grandma is in the UK so now he would be able to talk FACE TO FACE with her. Fav thing is that its FREE!

By Blogger Julie, at 3/18/2008 2:17 PM  

wow thats so cool that it has free video calls. great giveaway, thanks! email: hellomary018 AT yahoo DOT com blog:

By Blogger Mary512, at 3/18/2008 2:41 PM  

I love that you can text! How cool!

By Blogger Bree, at 3/18/2008 2:49 PM  

Is there anything it can't do??? It looks like it has so many features but that it is easy to figure out so that you can use all of the features without being a rocket scientist.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/18/2008 3:10 PM  

Skype is fantstic. It kind of blows me away that a meaningful video exchange between my toddler and her grandmother on the other end of the country is absolutely free. The cost is really my favorite feature :-)

disarray at onebox dot com

By Blogger Sherry G, at 3/18/2008 4:05 PM  

I've heard wonderful things about this. We are going overseas to adopt our little girl later this year and this would be the perfect way to keep in touch with our toddler son while we are away. My fav features would be to be able to see my son!
-susanmecole [at] hotmail dot com

By Blogger Susan C., at 3/18/2008 4:22 PM  

I love all the features! I can't pick just one.


georgiemorton at msn dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/18/2008 4:42 PM  

I love the video feature, I'm due in May and I have many far away relatives that will want to see the baby. It will be much more fun for them to interact rather than just see pictures or videos emailed.

nifferjeno at gmail dot com

By Blogger JenO, at 3/18/2008 5:37 PM  

Definitely the video calls. When I had to travel for work, the calls with my husband and kids saved my sanity.

My daughter likes one of the add-ins (the name of which I can't recall) that has funny characters, mostly animals, as a sort of avatar for each person on the call.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/18/2008 5:49 PM  

Free long distant calls. I have many buyers in New York and Australia and they are always telling me I should get Skype...this would do it now wouldn't it!

By Blogger PS, at 3/18/2008 6:04 PM  

If I were to win, I'd give the camera and headset to my parents so that they could use the best feature- seeing their out of state grandchildren during phone calls. Thanks!

lee_fillmore (at) comcast (dot) net

By Blogger Lee, at 3/18/2008 7:28 PM  

I love the fact that you can see who you talk to. We have family in Poland that I talk to on a regular basis and it would be great to see them.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/18/2008 7:31 PM  

i love that the calls are either free or dirt cheap. It is so cool. My parents neighbors call often to their family in Europe with no hassels

By Blogger Chantelle, at 3/18/2008 7:41 PM  

I love hundreds, even thousands of miles from family and friends, this would be fantastic. Thanks!

By Blogger KJ, at 3/18/2008 8:59 PM  

I love that my mom can see and chat with my son even though they live so far away. Fantastic!

By Blogger Panjo Kids, at 3/18/2008 9:26 PM  

I've never used Skype, but I'd love to try with these great prizes!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/19/2008 12:21 AM  

I love that video calls are free.

By Blogger J_Mama, at 3/19/2008 3:09 AM  

looks cool :)

By Blogger jennifer57, at 3/19/2008 4:56 AM  

My favorite feature is the cheap calls! My sister is going to adopt her second child overseas this year and it would be a great way to communicate with her while she is gone. Thanks!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/19/2008 7:22 AM  

No question I love the free video calls. We live 2500 miles away from family, but they can see us and our baby boy over Skype! It keeps us in touch.


By Blogger Tyler, at 3/19/2008 7:30 AM  

I'd like to be able to talk to relatives and be able to actually see them, I also like that Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

By Blogger fyjules, at 3/19/2008 7:47 AM  

My daughters would love to see and talk to their long distance grandparents.

By Blogger moushka, at 3/19/2008 7:52 AM  

Skype recently saved us when we didn't have phone service and my dad needed us to contact him immediately. I've been waiting for the extra funds so that we could pay for a year's worth of service so that we always have a back-up (we only use cell phones). Besides that, it's just cool and it'd help us to SEE family (like growing nephews and nieces) that we only see 2-3 times a year. My email is letsimaginate at gmail dot com and url should be with my name. :D Thanks so much for this opportunity! We'd love to have this!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/19/2008 9:35 AM  

My favorite feature is seeing the people you are talking too. Considering we moved 4 hours from all family two years ago, this would be great!

By Blogger Amy W, at 3/19/2008 9:46 AM  

I love how we can talk to and see family and friends the world over all for free! its amazing and certainly something i could only dream of when i was younger!!

By Blogger butterflyny, at 3/19/2008 10:12 AM  

I love the fact that I can chat for free adn SEE our relatives! I also love that I can talk and "chat" at teh same time.

By Blogger Claire, at 3/19/2008 10:15 AM  

I love that I can see my husband when he travels and it's free!

By Blogger divrchk, at 3/19/2008 10:22 AM  

I love that I could talk to my family in Australia for free. A great feature I did not know about is importing all my contacts from gmail!

By Blogger phxbne, at 3/19/2008 10:35 AM  

I have 3 month old twin grandaughters...and I have only seen them once! They live far away, this would be awesome for all of us!

By Blogger Karen, at 3/19/2008 10:40 AM  

love that its free for staying in touch with relatives

By Blogger Julie Marie, at 3/19/2008 11:33 AM  

I already use Skype to keep in touch with one daughter who studies in Scotland. Another daughter, in Canada, is pregnant with my first grandchild, so we need to get her set up too!

By Blogger Barbara, at 3/19/2008 12:37 PM  

3 words...Free video calls! I am in California and my mom is in Texas. My son has just recently taken interest in the telephone. Video would just be awesome! got to get this!!!

By Blogger Cherie, at 3/19/2008 1:41 PM  

I've been very curious about this - I'd really love to try it.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/19/2008 3:38 PM  

Free calls to our out of country relatives?! And we get to show off our new baby too! Love it!
dansan826 at

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/19/2008 4:27 PM  

Family is the most important thing in life and with the Free long distance Video Calls in conjunction with High Quality Video and Echo Reduction features, it is like your family is actually there in the room with you! We live on the East Coast and both my husband and I have family on the West Coast so Skype is truly a blessing!!

By Blogger joannaonthelake, at 3/19/2008 4:43 PM  

I love the idea of the free video calls. We don't use land lines, only cel so this would be nice!

By Blogger Ginny, at 3/19/2008 4:50 PM  

We would love to be able to do video chat's with Connor's Aunt and Uncle up in IL.

I added you to prizeatron!

By Blogger Angela, at 3/19/2008 7:56 PM  

I love the idea of a free phone call. My family lives all over the united states and my future brother in law just moved to Italy for the next four years. We have kept in contact but to see him would be amazing! And he'd get to meet our little daughter too! She was born a month after he left. I would just love for my family and for Tony to see Elena(my daughter) and for her to see them and get to know them from so far away!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/19/2008 8:21 PM  

I would love this! I want to start using Skype to communicate with other ASL users! and who doesn't love a FREE phone call!
Thanks for the giveaway!
Artful Blessings,

By Blogger KV Creative Designs, at 3/20/2008 12:10 AM  

The free video call feature is my favorite! I would love to be able to video call my aunt and uncle in the New Orleans area to keep in touch.


By Blogger Owner, at 3/20/2008 3:21 AM  

What I would love about Skype is the ability for my kids to see who ever is on the other line (like Mommy Mamaw) so they put a face with the name.

By Blogger Julie Donahue, at 3/20/2008 7:04 AM  

What I love is the grandparents getting to see their grand baby grow!

By Blogger Jessie R., at 3/20/2008 8:27 AM  

Free video calls would be great!

By Blogger shakerbaby, at 3/20/2008 5:19 PM  

I've never used Skype, but I REALLY want to try it out!

By Blogger sublimejen, at 3/20/2008 6:39 PM  

We use skype all the time so grandma & grandpa can see their grandkids. We love it!

By Blogger Deb, at 3/21/2008 3:46 AM  

The best part about Skype? It’s free.

By Blogger Steph, at 3/21/2008 5:57 AM  

see each other as we're talking is the coolest thing i have ever seen

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/21/2008 6:42 AM  

I have never used Skype, but it sounds great, the best thing is I would be able to see my grandkids!

By Blogger JaniceJ, at 3/21/2008 12:01 PM  

This was my grandmothers dream since the 1940's. I would love to have it, and it sounds so easy to use.

By Blogger Nance, at 3/22/2008 4:25 AM  

I could watch my grandkids grow!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/22/2008 4:59 AM  

My sister in law lives in London, so we use Skype at my in laws so she can see her baby niece grow! Its a fantastic way for families to stay in touch!

By Blogger RE, at 3/22/2008 6:32 AM  

Free phone calls with text messaging is just wonderful. I also enjoy checking History for missed phone calls. Using this form of communication keeps me in touch with international friends more often......Marilyn

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/22/2008 8:22 AM  

Last week my five siblings and our parents downloaded Skype at the encouragement of my tech-savvy brother who then had us all on a group call talking to each other. It was so much fun and so unique to be able to talk for free on the computer. The sound was very clear and those who had webcams could also see each other. I'm so glad to know about Skype and the way it will connect our family who lives all over the US.

limabeanhome [at] gmail [dot]com

By Blogger Lima Bean, at 3/22/2008 9:26 AM  

Great way to both talk, see and be seen by the grandkids even when thay are 2000 miles away!

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/22/2008 11:08 AM  

We LOVE Skype in our house! This phone would totally rock!! With a baby, it's nice that her cousins can watch her grow when we are in Nebraska and they are in California.

By Blogger Sky, at 3/22/2008 12:25 PM  

I've used Skype for calling. The camera would be a great addition

jmdennis at

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/22/2008 8:04 PM  

my favorite thing is being able to see who you are speaking to-especially since 1 of my closest friends moved to israel.

By Blogger anne s., at 3/24/2008 4:40 PM  

being able to see who I am talking to

By Blogger JOYVEN, at 3/24/2008 10:12 PM  

I would love to do video calls! This would be wonderful for my daughter (and me) when Daddy has to go out of town.
My email is listed on my site. Thanks!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/25/2008 5:44 AM  

Oh, I would love to win this one as my family lives in Belgium and England. This would make it so easier to stay in contact. Cross my fingers that I win this... Great give away.
ann dot guns at mac dot com

By Blogger Ann, at 3/25/2008 4:17 PM  

I love that it is all so affordable to stay in touch with Skype, you can text, add contacts, set up conference calls - all seemingly very easily.

By Blogger whit, at 3/27/2008 8:42 AM  

Great for video conferencing with relatives on the other side of the country. Amazing fast and easy to use.

ingoldsby (at)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/27/2008 2:46 PM  

seeing who you are talking to sounds neat.

By Blogger vboackle, at 3/27/2008 6:24 PM  

definitely the video chat. I LOVE IT.

By Blogger Sha, at 3/28/2008 8:25 PM  

my son is in Thailand - would be wonderful!!!

By Blogger cdrury, at 3/29/2008 7:57 AM  

I love that Skype is an expensive way for my husband and me to keep in touch with friends and family when we travel to Russia this year to meet and (on the 2nd trip) bring home our little one we are hoping to adopt. Since we are going to have to stay in Russia on the 2nd trip for 3 or more weeks, Skype is an ideal way to feel close to family and friends we are missing and with whom we'd love to share our special moments with our new little one :)
(can reach me through my adoption blog,

By Blogger Heather Brandt, at 3/29/2008 1:24 PM  

how cool is it to see other people while you talk..Ever wonder what people look like over the phone well here you go..I want this is so cool and I can see my niece and nephew grow up!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/30/2008 7:54 AM  

Having the headset would help with understanding the grandchildren when they were talking or singing for me! Sometimes they are quite wiggly when they talk!

By Blogger Frankie, at 3/30/2008 8:34 AM  

Wow, my family is all over the United States, and I have 3 kids that I know all of the family and extended family would LOVE to see while talking to them.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/30/2008 8:45 AM  

Getting to see who you're talking to is NEAT

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/30/2008 8:55 AM  

I really enjoy the Video feature, its nice to be able to actually see who your talking to.

shaunwallner at yahoo dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/30/2008 10:17 AM  

I have a new grandson born Jan 4 an I havent seen him since he was born,I live 1200 miles away,this

would give me a way to see him grow,thank you

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/30/2008 11:22 AM  

I love the low cost and the fact that it has an easy set-up with the ability to have video chat. My husband's cousin & his family will be moving out of the country and this would be a great way to stay in touch with them.

By Blogger kima86, at 3/30/2008 12:16 PM  

I can keep in touch with my friends in Namibia and South Korea. Thanks Skype.

By Blogger ky2here, at 3/30/2008 1:39 PM  

"Can You Hear Me Now"? I want to win this wonderful giveaway. Thank You.

By Blogger RoyalCheryl, at 3/30/2008 3:43 PM  

This is great, I want to win this.

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/30/2008 4:38 PM  

The video feature is neat and also being able to talk to anyone for free! Skype is great!

By Blogger surferck, at 3/30/2008 4:56 PM  

The best feature is-Free Skype-to-Skype calls.
To anywhere in the world.
And at anytime, day, night, morning or weekends. How cool is that?

By Blogger Nance, at 3/30/2008 5:02 PM  

I really need this my family lives over 1200 miles away and my son is having their first child, my daughter lives 1300 miles away with my 2 grandsons, so I could keep in touch and see how their growing.
Please ship one of these items to this lucky winner.

Thank you...

By Blogger camper223, at 3/30/2008 7:33 PM  

I think the best features are the pro-bundle low cost!! Man is this packed. text messaging, voicemail, online chats. The web cam!! I'm looking at this closer.

By Blogger janene1627, at 3/30/2008 8:39 PM  

i'd like to try this

By Blogger misternat1, at 3/31/2008 5:24 AM  

To check in on my family, they are so far away, anytime I want, and to do it for free, would be great!

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/31/2008 5:56 AM  

I'd Love This Prise What a great and easy way to stay in contact with family.Especially if you have teenagers!

By Blogger Margaret, at 3/31/2008 6:07 AM  

What a great prize- I've been wanting to hook my family up with this for some time- it would be great for families where everyone is scattered around the country!

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/31/2008 9:44 AM  

What a great prize- I've been wanting to hook my family up with this for some time- it would be great for families where everyone is scattered around the country!

By Blogger Unknown, at 3/31/2008 9:44 AM  

I am the oldest of eight kids and my husband's family is scattered all throughout the US. Skype is a super product to keep everyone connected. Skype is something that today's modern mom (or dad) can't live without. You can see who you are talking with, you can share links, chat etc as if you were in the same room with that person. It is the distance minimizer of the 21st century. Just b/c you live across the country doesn't mean that you can't share in the lives of your loved ones on a daily basis. The headset would allow handsfree mobility. This is essential now that I am the mother of a 6 year old and twins :-) My email is

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/31/2008 10:12 AM  

Skype has some fab features, and now that they integrate with the Mac address book they're even better! I love the fact that I can chat with family for free. I've already got a webcam, but if I win I'd love to send the prize webcam to my sister, so she can chat with me and her favorite nephew (my toddler).

-Jessica Beck

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/31/2008 11:50 AM  

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