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mod*mom giveaway :: 3 dyson vacuums $450

i'm mesmerized by these space age handheld dyson root 6 vacuums.
dyson is offering mod*mom readers 3 of them just in time for the holidays.

to enter to win a futuristic dyson root 6 vacuum, tell me in the comments,
"what are your favorite
features or design elements of the root 6 + why?"
(include your email address + web url, so i can contact you when you win!)
before midnight, monday december 17

by ~mod*mom~ at 16.11.07 ©


Sign me up! I like that it's rechargable and cordless and looks like the Star Trek Enterprise.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/15/2007 11:41 PM  

Hi Mod Mom,

Could you please point me to any places on the internet you know of to buy some big, black, plastic glasses, (like the child is wearing in the halloween costume below)

Much appreciated,

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 2:32 AM  

I need one of these so badly! I love that it recharges up to 3x faster!

By Blogger Tuesday Girl, at 11/16/2007 6:04 AM  

Oh my... I love this vacuum because I have a very steep, very tall flight of carpeted stairs that seem to breed hairballs. Being cordless and chargeable are the best features, not to mention being a Dyson.

By Blogger patty, at 11/16/2007 6:05 AM  

I like the quick empty and lightweight. This looks like a great product.

By Blogger Alice, at 11/16/2007 6:10 AM  

Wow what can I say I absolutely love the look of this handheld as I love the look of all the Dyson vacuums, but the best part is that it doesn't lose suction and with 2 cats and a toddler I would love one of these.

By Blogger MadMom, at 11/16/2007 6:21 AM  

What feature isn't there to LOVE - lightweight, fast charging, 3x suction, pretty to look at, handlheld, quick empty and no bags. This is the perfect vacuum for design-conscious, modern home living!

By Blogger Brooke, at 11/16/2007 6:23 AM  

Holy cow! I like the sleek design and the versatility. Hooray for dyson.

By Blogger jenna, at 11/16/2007 6:30 AM  

With no bags to buy and a lightweight design who wouldn't love it? And it's actually fun to look at. This is not my mother's vacuum! Most of all my husband will think it's great - He loves to vacuum!! How lucky am I?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 6:32 AM  

It looks like a phaser gun. Anything that looks like Buck Rogers would have used it is A-ok. As long as it fits in my utility belt I don't even care if it doesn't work well.

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/16/2007 6:33 AM  

This looks like such an amazing vacuum. It is perfect for our smaller home and the portability would make it easier to chase after pesky dust bunny monsters!

By Blogger Beth @ TheAngelForever, at 11/16/2007 6:34 AM  

I like that it is hygienic, lightweight and portable. It would be easier to use.


By Blogger CrystalGB, at 11/16/2007 6:35 AM  

The attachment looks like it would be easy to get under things!

kelli (at) pfrog (dot) net

By Blogger Maude Lynn, at 11/16/2007 6:51 AM  

I LOVE handheld vacuums - I have no space in my tiny Manhattan apt for anything bigger! They are great for quick pickups and recharge quickly.

By Blogger Christina, at 11/16/2007 6:52 AM  

I am in constant need of "quick pickups" in my house and need something like the Root to really do a good job- and I love that it will keep going strong for up to 6 minutes... uh, I need that!


By Blogger Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph, at 11/16/2007 6:55 AM  

It actually looks a lot like a Star Trek phaser rifle! (oy, I've been watching too many Voyager reruns while getting dinner ready)

By Blogger ChiefFamilyOfficer, at 11/16/2007 6:55 AM  

Any person with a child should covet a handheld vacuum like this. If it can handle the dust bunnies in the corners and quickly suck up the Cheerios on the floor PLUS look fantastic at the same time, then it's the vacuum for my family.


Melissa O'Russa

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 6:59 AM  

I so need a handheld vacuum, especially one with such futuristic asthetics! I love the 2 year warranty, because we always seem to need longer than 1 year.

emilygcraig at

By Blogger Emily, at 11/16/2007 7:26 AM  

Love the power and the cordless aspect of this beautiful little vacuum.

By Blogger David, at 11/16/2007 7:39 AM  

Between the sci-fi looks and the cleaning power, I'm in! Two cats and a baby require a handheld and mine is giving out! dagro1 at aol dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 7:39 AM  

Great suction, wonderfully balanced, and cool design make this vacuum a winner.

By Blogger Mark, at 11/16/2007 7:44 AM  

I liked the orange accent color and the fast recharging function.

jnomaxx @

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 8:08 AM  

It is so little!!! We live in an apartment and have no extra room for a big vacuum.
Rechargeable no cord.
I always seem to trip someone while vacuuming those long cords really get in the way. The car vacuuming possibilities are also wonderful!
I would love to win this vacuum!
Best wishes,

By Blogger Happy Willow, at 11/16/2007 8:32 AM  

I like the fast charge speed. I also like that it is lightweight. This vacuum is perfect for the stairs that never seem to get vacuumed because the large vacuum is too heavy.

lacelk [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

By Blogger lace, at 11/16/2007 8:34 AM  

yeah, it looks like something captain kirk would whip out of his uhm, holster...

gimme gimme gimme. heh.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 9:03 AM  

The coolest thing about this vaccuum (other than the obvious fact that I'd feel like a ghostbuster using it), is how high powered it is for being handheld. This would be a dream in my all hardwood floor house!

By Blogger sarah, at 11/16/2007 9:09 AM  

Man do we need this with a 2 year old, cat, tons of carpet, hardwood, etc.! Our vacuum sucks...hehe...I LOVE that it is rechargeable and cordless, no more tripping over the cord and stumbling around when our daughter tries to "help" clean!

By Blogger Not So Anonymous Michelle, at 11/16/2007 9:28 AM  

This would be perfect to hand over to the twins to have them suck up all of the cheerios and cracker crumbs all over the place all the time... Boy, would they love to help if it meant they could pretend it was a space ship!

I love that is cordless and quick to empty! And, goodness knows how badly we need a new vacuum... One that actually works!

By Blogger Christine, at 11/16/2007 9:50 AM  

I like the high power and combination accessory tool. It looks like it would be useful for all the toddler craft time messes we incur!

By Blogger Superdumb Supervillain, at 11/16/2007 9:57 AM  

What's not to like about this handheld? Dyson is the apex of form meets function.
With two kids (one's a teenager who drops crumbs everywhere and the other is a crawling baby), two dogs and two cats we need to do a lot of vacuuming! I love our regular Dyson but it's not practical to lug it about our 3 floor townhouse. The Root 6 would definitely make life easier.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 10:04 AM  

Okay, not only would I feel total penis empowerment with this groovy gun, it looks fierce enough to handle the toughest pug hairs Frank and Ginger could leave behind! Count me in!

By Blogger Ms. Mamma, at 11/16/2007 10:11 AM  

"Twice the suction power of other handhelds." That won me over. And I love the grey/orange color scheme.


By Blogger abby, at 11/16/2007 10:15 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

By Blogger Melissa, at 11/16/2007 10:24 AM  

My favorite feature is that it is cordless. It would be a lifesaver for my stairs!


By Blogger Melissa, at 11/16/2007 10:27 AM  

Love many things about the crazy Dr Who looking vaccum.
#1. The price, not too bad!
#2. Cordless, perfect for the stairs, the chips my children spilled, the pistachio shells my husband left in the bed, need I go on.
#3. There are more, but I don't want to fill up your comment section!

By Blogger PS, at 11/16/2007 10:34 AM  

Sign me up! My favorite design element is that it looks like a freakin' lazer gun from the future!

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/16/2007 10:35 AM  

I'm all about the fast recharging function. I'm pregnant with our first and am due in about 6 weeks. I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 10:36 AM  

I like the fact that it is easily portable. I love my Dyson but I do not always want to haul it out for a quick clean up. This would be great for crumb duty.

By Blogger sam, at 11/16/2007 10:44 AM  

i like that it is lightweight. i'm pregnant and our current vacuum is way too heavy.

By Blogger lev53211, at 11/16/2007 10:44 AM  

I love that it is hygienic and quick to empty. My least favorite chore is vacuuming - and I hate emptying the bag even more because of the mess. This feature is great!

By Blogger Amber, at 11/16/2007 10:49 AM  

Quick/easy to empty is right up my alley. I get frustrated when things are hard to take apart to empty!

mrsjennahatfield at gmail dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 11:01 AM  

I love that it recharges fast and is lightweight. With two kids under 2 and 1/2 more floor is constantly covered in cheerios and cracker crumbs!

By Blogger amy, at 11/16/2007 11:06 AM  

yay! i'm so glad everybody is loving the features of the dyson root 6 vacuum!

charles: i'll look around for some mod sunglass sites. i've usually found my browsing around in shops. sometimes nordstrom has tables of $10 glasses in the junior department

david: you have to leave your email address or a blog url that is "public" so i can get to your blog to find your email address.
everybody please make sure your blog url's are set to "public"

By Blogger modmom, at 11/16/2007 11:13 AM  

Twice the suction of other handhelds makes it sound wonderful to me!

By Blogger Nissa, at 11/16/2007 11:15 AM  

Looks like a great vacum. It is hygenic, easy to empty and lightweight.


By Blogger Unknown, at 11/16/2007 11:17 AM  

yes please sign me up. I lvoe the fact that it is cordless and ergonomically designed! and of course lightweight...would make vacuuming my stairs much easier!

By Blogger labbiegirl, at 11/16/2007 11:18 AM  

I like that it charges 3x faster, because when you need something like that it is never charged and being able to charge it faster is GREAT!

By Blogger Kammy, at 11/16/2007 11:28 AM  

Super cool design. I love that it picks up larger debris and is easy to empty.

By Blogger superfizz, at 11/16/2007 11:29 AM  

i love me some dyson's!!!!! i want to have dyson babies!! :) i love that it is cordless, and easy to carry- it is perfect for cleaning out the car.. i love the sleek neck so it can get in more places the other handhelds (with their dumb designs that reach nothing unless it's right in front of you).. i love that it has a brush tool for dusting areas.. i love the design! I WANT ONE!!!

By Blogger j.sterling, at 11/16/2007 11:34 AM  

I love the fact that it is cordless and charges quickly. It is also is huge plus to have such great suction power!


By Blogger Tricia, at 11/16/2007 11:40 AM  

I like the transparent catch bin. Being able to see what I've vacuumed up is important some times.

By Blogger Michael Phillips, at 11/16/2007 11:55 AM  

Hi, I have wanted one of these since I have seen the commercials! My favorite features are~ 1.)The expelled air has 150 less bacteria and mold for our better breathing.
2.) The all-floor performance and
3.) no extra costs! Please enter me in your fab contest. Thanks, Cindi

By Blogger windycindy, at 11/16/2007 12:12 PM  

I like that this vacuum looks like a power drill so I may actually be able to get my husband to use it.

By Blogger Katie, at 11/16/2007 12:14 PM  

We need a vacuum badly! I like that it's cordless and hygenic! And to win a Dyson! YEA!

By Blogger Alison, at 11/16/2007 12:15 PM  

Two words "Hand held!" Oh wait, that's only one word. In any case, anything that let's me clean up tossed Cheerios with one hand while holding the offender in other is a winning invention.

By Blogger StacieMac, at 11/16/2007 12:20 PM  

I bought my parents one of these last year. I love how light weight it is. I could use one too!

By Blogger divrchk, at 11/16/2007 12:20 PM  

I like the accesories, that enables to clean tiny places!

By Blogger Hedi, at 11/16/2007 12:22 PM  

i need this! favorite features:3x faster recharging- since i am always forgetting!it looks 'cool' so maybe even dad would use it!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 12:24 PM  

I love this! I love that it's cordless! No cords to slow me down!

By Blogger Julie, at 11/16/2007 12:28 PM  

I like that it can pick up large debris.

By Blogger Becky, at 11/16/2007 12:29 PM  

1) cordless 2) lightweight 3) Dyson brand. I was thinking about buying one of these, but it'd be awesome to win one. Thanks for the great offer!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 12:33 PM  

I'm a small person, so I love the fact that it's light. I also love that it has a stronger suction for those messes that my one year old is bound to make!!! And no bags means no trips to the store just so I can vacuum!

By Blogger paulp, at 11/16/2007 12:38 PM  

No cord for my daughter to try to chew on? Sign me up! A saw a previous comment that said it looked like the Star Trek Enterprise, but to me it just looks like a high-tech, handheld leaf blower. I'll bet it's a whole lot quieter than a leaf blower, though. Or my ugly Dirt Devil, for that matter.

By Blogger Becca, at 11/16/2007 12:39 PM  

Dyson proves no loss of suction, best average pick up,While on the dyson site check out the games kind of cute to play.

By Blogger Jackie, at 11/16/2007 12:45 PM  

I like the futuristic design and the fact that it recharges up to 3X faster. I'd love to win! Contact me at

By Blogger Stephanie, at 11/16/2007 12:48 PM  

Super cyclonic suction and 3x faster charging? Heck yeah, sign me up.

By Blogger MarcT., at 11/16/2007 12:50 PM  

I love the fact that this looks like a cross between a ray gun and a Harley V-Rod.

By Blogger redheadedhowler, at 11/16/2007 1:00 PM  

I would have to see JUST how light it is but the handheld we have not has GOT to be from the late 70s and weighs a TON so that would be the number 1 draw for me!

By Blogger Jenna Z, at 11/16/2007 1:01 PM  

First of all, I LOVE DYSON products! They are fabulous. What I love about this one is the rechargeable, light weight, futuristic qualities. Not to mention, I am sure it is quite handy! Please sign me up!

By Blogger Kena, at 11/16/2007 1:07 PM  

i would love to have this. the attachable parts are a big thing for me, very nice to get into tiny places, and clean like crazy. :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 1:09 PM  

I love that it's cordless AND had a 2-year warranty. I'm always having to cash in on warranties. Wow! Thanks for the offer! ( )

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 1:11 PM  

I would love to have this. the attachable parts are a big thing for me, very nice to get into tiny places, and clean like crazy. :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 1:11 PM  

Hygienic and quick to empty is a great feature. That part always grosses me out!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 1:12 PM  

I love the fact that it's cordless and it's a Dyson! I have four flights of carpeted stairs that *need* this!

By Blogger Andrew & Terri, at 11/16/2007 1:24 PM  

I have a dog and a 6 month old. I need this!

By Blogger Stephanie Hatzenbuehler, at 11/16/2007 2:02 PM  

Love it because it's a Dyson. Rechargable, portable and lightweight. Perfect for cleaing up after kids and dogs.

By Blogger Mrs. H, at 11/16/2007 2:25 PM  

Quick to empty is always nice. :)

By Blogger fairyhalo, at 11/16/2007 2:32 PM  

well, what's not to like?! My favorite feature of the root 6 is the one push button to empty the stuff...I hate to touch dirty, dusty bags! oh and I like the that you KNOW when you have to recharge the thing! It is ALWAYS a bummer when you need something, but it has run out of life, then you are just stuck looking at the mess...or you have to drag out the big vacuume ARGH!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 2:35 PM  

Great Giveaway!! I love that it is cordless. I need this....

By Blogger Carpenters, at 11/16/2007 2:42 PM  

whoops, forgot to include my email. My blog is

By Blogger Carpenters, at 11/16/2007 2:43 PM  

whoops, forgot to include my email. My blog is

By Blogger Carpenters, at 11/16/2007 2:43 PM  

I like the easy way of emptying the vacuum. Very cool design!

By Blogger Ginny, at 11/16/2007 2:55 PM  

This looks awesome! cordless too! woo hoo

By Blogger Annikke, at 11/16/2007 2:58 PM  

Okay, it just LOOKS cool. I love the cordless factor, and the brush so I can vacuum my couches, too.

By Blogger Jules, at 11/16/2007 3:07 PM  

Love the design of this vacuum. The fact that it is cordless is great for those hard to reach places and also for cars! It is great that it charges 3x faster too!

By Blogger Laura, at 11/16/2007 3:14 PM  

I like this vacuum being hygienic and quick to empty, because I hate to have a messy vacuum to end up doing the opposite of what it's supposed to serve for.

I'd love to be one of the 3 lucky winners! :)

internationalfreebies [at]

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 3:14 PM  

Fave features:
that it can slurp up cheerios with a single suck, that yellow thingie, that it's a DYSON, that it's cordless. yeehaw!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 3:15 PM  

Bagless, lightweight and beautiful! What's not to love?? I really need one of these!!


By Blogger ~Amber~, at 11/16/2007 3:21 PM  

I love it is rechargeable and light weight.

By Blogger Vicky, at 11/16/2007 3:23 PM  

Cordless and bag free are the best;). No bags to buy and no cords to have to stretch around the house. Thanks for the chance!

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/16/2007 3:29 PM  

I like that it has up to 6 minutes of powerful cleaning and that it's hygienic and quick to empty. This would make it easier for a younger kid to use plus the one we use now doesn't pick up very well.

adashofsassitude (at) gmail (dot) com

By Blogger Audra Marie, at 11/16/2007 3:32 PM  

What an awesome giveaway. Dyson=Love

My favorite features are that is it lightweight but still has neat accessories like the brush on the end, recharges super-fast, and has an LED battery indicator on it. Dyson, I love you.

By Blogger heather h, at 11/16/2007 3:46 PM  

I love that it thinks it's bigger than it is...just like me. :) My kids would love the design so that would make them get into helping clean up their messes AND it's handy so if someone spills, I can grab it quick to take care of the mess.

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/16/2007 3:49 PM  

The fact that it's Cordless and bagless are huge bonuses. We have some crazy steps which might be a touch easier with the cordless, lightweight features...also it just looks cool.

By Blogger Jess, at 11/16/2007 3:53 PM  

since my husband does most of the vacuuming, he would love this!!

By Blogger noreen, at 11/16/2007 3:55 PM  

I love the accesories, I love to be able to get in the cracks of things...and super clean!

By Blogger The Saunders Family, at 11/16/2007 4:28 PM  

well, i was in a really bad car accident in august. the kids and i were at a stoplight on the highway, and a man going 65 mph rear ended us. i have a fractured spine, and cannot even think about using our current vacuum. dyson vacuums are my dream vacuums.

i love the futuristic design and gorgeous color of this vacuum, love the super suction power in the little package and love that it is quickly rechargeable.

my kids could use this vacuum for me until i am able, and they would actually enjoy doing it! and with our long-haired cat who loves to play on the stairs, it is much needed!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 4:54 PM  

I have triplets and believe me...I think I have cheerios in every corner, underneath and every place imaginable in my living room. This sleek design and the advantage that it's cordless is awesome!! I can finally clean my car seats!!!!

great giveaway!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 5:30 PM  

It is perfectly mobile and lightweight for large and small spaces! This would be ideal for our place!

By Blogger sarah, at 11/16/2007 5:53 PM  

I LOVE the attachments, the fact that it is cordless and rechargeable, and 6 MINUTES of powerful cleaning...I mean COME ON...I LOVE YOU DYSON! With it being so convenient, maybe I could get to all the little things that my little little human vaccuum cleaner has been finding in those hard (for me, not for him obviously) to reach places! Thanks for the awesome chance to win...Talk about a wonderful "Merry Christmas to Me"!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 5:55 PM  

Fast charging sounds great to me! Yay, Dyson! I hope I get to bring you home with me. :)
jg (at)

By Blogger Jenna, at 11/16/2007 6:12 PM  

I like the look of that clear thingy so that you know for sure that you vacuumed that spider off the wall.

By Blogger Mike Karr, at 11/16/2007 6:16 PM  

I love that it is a Dyson, that is is cordless and rechargeable, and charges quickly.

lkdeangelo (at) yahoo (dot) com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 6:21 PM  

Awesome! I like that it's small and recharges fast! Perfect to vacuum our stairs free of dog hair!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 6:30 PM  

I love that it is cordless and can go for 6 minutes. That would make a huge dent in all the cat fur on my floor!

By Blogger Kalli, at 11/16/2007 6:58 PM  

My favorite feature is the ergnomic design. It looks so comfortable to wield--having one of these might actually make me vacuum more frequently! :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 7:05 PM  

Coming from a high-use vacuum family with lots of small children, I am personally impressed with the 2-year warranty. Our current vacuum is getting to where it requires lots of babying to even function properly, so a new and improved vacuum would be a real treat. Thanks for including me!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 7:40 PM  

I love the fact that it's cordless and rechargeable, plus Dyson's are AWESOME vacuums. please enter me as this would come in very handy in my home, especially on my many stairs and "hard to reach" places.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 8:14 PM  

lightweight and portability works for me.

blogged yA:

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 8:46 PM  

I love that it's rechargeable. It's compact too, which is a must when you move as much as we do.

By Blogger Bebemiqui, at 11/16/2007 8:51 PM  

I love that it is lightweight and easy to handle. It would be great for getting those hard to reach places.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2007 9:10 PM  

Form *and* function- it's gorgeous! I have a one year old so I use a handheld vacuum daily. But it doesn't have what the Dyson has.

*That awesome extended arm with the brush- because it seems to reach farther than my current handheld vac;
* the suck power!- because if it doesn't suck, I'll be back to sweeping and swiffering, oh the humanity;
* the ability to prevent dust from being blown back out- because this is an issue w/ most handhelds;
* AND that fabulous mod orange color!- I give it two big sassy classy thumbs up!

EMAIL: anitasj at alum dot berkeley dot edu


By Blogger Anita Sarah Jackson, at 11/16/2007 9:51 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

By Blogger ramona, at 11/16/2007 9:58 PM  

1. I dig the color scheme and the fact that the orangey-yellow part looks like a hand or half an octopus or something, reaching out to grab all of my family's nasty dirt.

2. I love the raygun look. I mean, the thing has a TRIGGER! How can you not love that?!

3. The transparent catch bin. Because how else will I know if I've sucked up yet another of Ariel's shoes? Sheesh, she's a mermaid... why does she have so many tiny shoes?

URL: making things pretty

By Blogger ramona, at 11/16/2007 10:00 PM  

I love the long cord, light weight and futristic design of this puppy or should I say beast.

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/16/2007 10:28 PM  

Wow. I love that you can empty it without having to touch the nasty parts, that it recharges quickly, and the great tools/accessories that can multitask. awesome!

By Blogger Melissa, at 11/16/2007 11:08 PM  

I love that it is rechargeable, ergonomic, easy to clean and funky looking :) I have twin infants and this sure would come in handy to go along side the Dyson Animal we already have!

By Blogger kewd, at 11/16/2007 11:34 PM  

Oh my goodness, this would be my life saver for quick clean up of kitty and puppy hair! I love everything about a Dyson, but the warranty would totally rock!

princesslimey (at) gmail (dot) com

By Blogger Emily, at 11/16/2007 11:45 PM  

You're giving away a DYSON???? Wowee, I've looked at this little bugger and I love it. I have a roomful of parrots that make a mess that needs to be cleaned a few times a day. I love how powerful this is, and of course it's easy to clean which is important if you have to use it several times a day!
themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com

By Blogger Michelle Constantinescu, at 11/17/2007 3:59 AM  

Love that its rechargable and would be so much easier to use on my steps than my big vacuum!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 3:59 AM  

I really appreciate how quickly it empties. That is always my least favorite part of vacuuming, so the sooner I can get it over with, the better!

By Blogger Tiffany, at 11/17/2007 4:03 AM  

Dyson is a great company! I love the lightweight and quick empty features of the product.

By Blogger Marcia, at 11/17/2007 5:18 AM  

I like the fact that it charges very quickly and I can use it on stairs and in the car or garage for quick cleanups.

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/17/2007 6:20 AM  

I love this dyson because it is cordless. I hate having to deal with the cords on the regular vaccumm and sometimes you just need something smaller to clean up a little.

By Blogger Monique, at 11/17/2007 6:40 AM  

I nee this! I am a neat freak and my house is constantly a mess with 3 boys and Daddy too:) I love that it's cordless.

By Blogger Chris Garmon, at 11/17/2007 7:11 AM  

i like the bagless feature, it's portable, and easy to use!!

By Blogger Lolly, at 11/17/2007 7:30 AM  

I love that it picks up large debris, and that it's cordless. I have kids and a parrot that make messes ALL the time, this would really come in handy!

By Blogger SJINCO, at 11/17/2007 8:58 AM  

I love that this vacuum looks very lightweight. It's fast charging so I wouldn't have to wait around all day, and I could actually rely on it to pick up things off the floor with it's 3x suction capabilities. To be honest, I currently don't have a functioning vacuum. The previous one couldn't stand the mess that my little one made and went capoot, after spewing dust and debri everywhere. Ugh.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 9:20 AM  

I would love to be able to vacuum the stairs without lugging the big vacuum up and down. To be able to quickly clean up after the grandbabies would be heavenly. I also like that it weighs less than 2 lbs and charges so fast. I’ve just got to have one of these! It truly is just what I need.

By Blogger Cathi, at 11/17/2007 10:12 AM  

What I like about this vacuum is it's portability and power! A dyson that you can use in the car! :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 10:30 AM  

I love that it charges 2x faster - who has time to wait for charging with 2 kids to run after! I also love that you don't have to unscrew anything to empty it. Less mess!

By Blogger Kristin, at 11/17/2007 11:01 AM  

I love that Dysons don't use bags, because I hate vaccuum bags like the plague. And I love that this one apparently sucks really well, and I also love that everyone wants a Dyson, and I could actually have one.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 11:27 AM  

I'm dying for one of these! Yes, I am!

By Blogger Heather aka Mom in the Know, at 11/17/2007 12:16 PM  

That it is portable and hand-held it the best part, but that I don't have to touch the yuckies when it needs to be emptied? AWESOME.


By Blogger MamaChristy, at 11/17/2007 12:48 PM  

I love that it recharges fast and is hand-held- great for those quick pick-ups!!

By Blogger Bree, at 11/17/2007 1:14 PM  

That fast recharging feature caught my eye!

By Blogger Amy, at 11/17/2007 1:19 PM  

I like the fact that its handheld and lightweight, good for a quick clean up.
Great giveaway.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 1:53 PM  

It's gorgeous! I can't look away! Is it single?

I am loving the "large debris pick-up" feature. I wonder if it could take care of my husband's gnome collection...

By Blogger Memarie Lane, at 11/17/2007 3:12 PM  

Likelyhood that husband will use it because it's Dyson + it looks like a gun from Land of the Lost + quick recharge. : )

By Blogger Cori, at 11/17/2007 3:53 PM  

I love that it's cordless and compact, and that it somehow looks like I could brew a pot of coffee in it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 4:48 PM  

Ohhh, Ohhh...I hate to beg, but I would really LOVE to have this handheld Dyson!!! I am been watching these green with envy...I can't tell you all the reasons I want one, but I love Dyson's in that easy to clean, no bags, amazing suction, reliable brand...on and on. But I would love this one because it is hand held, rechargeable, and so great for all those crumbs my kids leave behind, I can guarentee I would use it many times daily!! I just can't go on any longer...I would love one...Thanks for the GREAT favorite so far!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 5:24 PM  

Oh Wow! I can't believe that you are offering this vacuum on your site. This past year we got a dog for our girls and we have animal hair in every corner!

This handheld vac looks so powerful, but not too bulky. Perfect!

daniewheeler at yahoo dot com

By Blogger Danielle, at 11/17/2007 5:54 PM  

I love that it is rechargeable and easy to empty. Quick and easy are key in my household. The thing I love most about it though is the fact that its a Dyson. They are tops in my book!

THANKS for the great giveaway!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 6:42 PM  

I love that it is rechargeable and easy to empty. Quick and easy are key in my household. The thing I love most about it though is the fact that its a Dyson. They are tops in my book!

THANKS for the great giveaway!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 6:42 PM  

I love that it's cordless and that it is handheld. Definitely on my X-mas wish list.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 7:04 PM  

I love the fact that is looks like an alien robot! And, it has Root Cyclone Technology (don't know what that is but it sounds impressive!); clean air exhaust (that I understand); and a 5 year warranty - oh yea and it will work on my carpet and hardwoods. If I had tile (I wish!) it would clean that too! Maybe Santa will bring me this :-) I'll tell him about it when he gets home. . . :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/2007 7:14 PM  

i love the quick empty. so cool!

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/17/2007 10:07 PM  

first i have to say my birthday is Dec 12...

6 minutes of go time, that is dustbuster cannot compare!

By Blogger lisa h., at 11/17/2007 10:15 PM  

I like that it's handheld (duh), and also that it's bagless. I have a hard time vacuuming my stairs with a regular big vacuum, and I never change the bags. Yes, it is a problem.

By Blogger Jenny, at 11/17/2007 10:25 PM  

Well, just the fact that it's a Dyson is enough, but the recharge factor and lightweight design is nifty. I have three year triplets and let me tell you ... a handheld is a must!


By Blogger Tanya Siekman, at 11/17/2007 10:45 PM  

Why? Here's my reasons: 1) It's a DYSON! 2)It's lightweight. 3)Super Dooper fast charging 4)It's bagless. 5)I like the design. I hope that's enough! :)


By Blogger Renae, at 11/18/2007 2:26 AM  

Holy schmoly, I have one of these!!! And it is so great. We have been through six, yes six, cordless hand vacs in the past few years and this one is the only one that has stood the test of a house with a dog, a cat, and three messy little boys. Good luck all!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/18/2007 3:35 AM  

I love the cordlessness and the portability of it. Not to mention the Dyson reputation...

By Blogger Jamie, at 11/18/2007 7:52 AM  

I like that it is hygienic and quick to empty!

Most vacuums are a pain in that department.

By Blogger Candace April, at 11/18/2007 7:52 AM  

I love the fact that Dyson has made a handheld vacuum! And that it's cordless and looks very easy to use. I would absolutely love one of these! :)

By Blogger Deb - Mom of 3 Girls, at 11/18/2007 11:20 AM  

Quick empty and quick charge would be nice, but really, I want it for the tools. I need to get down deep in my couch cousions and get the gunk out!
With 7 kids, our couched collect a LOT of crumbs, legos, pencils, etc.

By Blogger Qtpies7, at 11/18/2007 11:21 AM  

cordless YAY!!!!! please enter me thanks!

By Blogger Amanda, at 11/18/2007 12:02 PM  

Quick charge would be great... so much better than any other handheld!

jenontiveros AT gmail DOT com

By Blogger Jen, at 11/18/2007 12:22 PM  

i love that it is cordless and small, plus it looks so cute!

By Blogger jenavidez, at 11/18/2007 1:11 PM  

LOL it looks like this Trekky/KitchenAid mixer/vacuum combo. I love it, it is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. And I appreciate that it is hygienic and quick to empty.

Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone participating!

notmuchmorethanthis [at] gmail [dot] com

By Blogger Liberty, at 11/18/2007 1:33 PM  

why? because it's rechargable, small and cordless... oh and did i mention cause it's a dyson?! love that!! need that!! haha.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/18/2007 3:03 PM  

I LOVE DYSONS!!!Count me in please

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/18/2007 3:09 PM  

I would love one of these. I love the fact that they are cordless because I can use it to clean the car out!

lucycontest at

By Blogger Lucy, at 11/18/2007 5:55 PM  

I like that it's cool looking, has better suction than other hand helds, and doesn't require bags. And, it means I won't have to keep breaking out the boring old broom!

la_bride2003 at yahoo

By Blogger Karen, at 11/18/2007 6:37 PM  

cordless makes it tops in my book, not to mention the compact size. Ive been living practically without closets for three years!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/18/2007 8:50 PM  

I like the fact that it is hygienic and quick to empty. I have a baby so I need something that is quick and easy to use since I don't have a lot of time. I also need something hygienic for the baby.

By Blogger Rockin' Mama, at 11/18/2007 9:57 PM  

I love the cordless action to get in those tough spots. Actually, my husband does all the vacuuming, so he would dig the cordless. And the fact that it's a Dyson...never lose suction.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/18/2007 10:17 PM  

i'd have to say i love that it doesn't lose suction. i want one of these. suck at my house! PUHLEASE!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 5:29 AM  

Hello ModMom~

I would like to be entered in this great contest give away! I love that the vacuum is rechargable and cordless...less to worry about as a mom! :) I also like that it is Hygienic and quick to empty! More great features to cleaning! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

sharvey at connections-etc dot net

By Blogger Sassyfrazz, at 11/19/2007 7:31 AM  

I love that you can just push a button to empty the dust/crumbs/whatnot right into the garbage. The last handheld I had had a clunky sliding tray to hold the dust/crumbs/whatnot that i nearly always spilled while trying to empty it gracefully.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 8:39 AM  

Oops, email is happydash at gmail dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 8:41 AM  

it has so much suction for easy pickups, along with the fact that it is a dyson, so great filtration too.

cgennifer at hotmail dot com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 9:44 AM  

I'd love this! It's cordless so cleaning the stairs would be a breeze. Plus it's light enough that my 7yo daughter could use it to clean up her own messes!

erin.martin AT gmail DOT com

By Blogger CdnMama, at 11/19/2007 10:03 AM  

... because it looks just so darn cool!
please, please! Me ME!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 10:23 AM  

I need that suction. Does it suck up wet stuff too, like spilt cheerios + milk?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 10:32 AM  

It looks so cool! And, with a "vacuum" that looks so cool (and very much like a power tool) even the hubbies out there will be using it!

It looks like a Ray Gun out of sci-fi shows of past (Star Trek, Buck Rogers, OLD Battlestar Galactica) and with no bags to empty and QUICK recharging, what is not to love and covet about it? I would love to win one! :) // kiniwoman AT

By Blogger KiniWoman, at 11/19/2007 10:36 AM  

Greeting Mod Mommy!

First off...I LOVE your blog! It's so cool!

Second...I don't just want the Dyson Root 6, I desperately need it! I live in a house with a very active two year old who's newest hobby is tap dancing on her spilled Cherrios, likes to tear apart her Playdoh in as many small little pieces as possible, and has learned to tear apart her craylons into nice little blocks that, when stepped on, make lovely little map like blobs on the floor. Oh and I have a shedding dog and a clumsy husband. Needless to say, the place is a mess! I've tried other hand held vacuums but they don't have the power and suction that the Dyson has. Plus it looks so cool!

By Blogger Sunny Chanel, at 11/19/2007 10:41 AM  

It is a Dyson so you know it must be powerful. THe clear canister let you know when to empty. My five year old has allergies so a daily vacuum of the mattress is the only thing that get my husband and I a complete nights rest, this would prevent the lugging out of the big vacuum.

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/19/2007 2:15 PM  

With a toddler underfoot, we use our current hand-held vacuum all the time---but we've already had to replace a part that broke. So the durable tough construction of the Dyson looks good to me! Thanks for the contest. emhagedon at gmail

By Blogger Erin, at 11/19/2007 2:42 PM  

I had a Dyson before moving overseas, and it was the most incredible vacuum cleaner ever. What I like most about this particular one? It's got the power of a Dyson, but in a convenient size and weight. The Dyson I had was definitely a bit on the heavy side. With a messy husband and a baby on the way, something to clean up little messes and smaller areas would be fabulous.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 2:42 PM  

Oh how fun! I love those colors and the fact that it really truly looks like a space age gun. I imagine myself pretending to be Barbarella while sliding around the apartment attacking evil dust bunnies with it....."zap!...gotcha!"

telegraphjill AT

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 3:50 PM  

I love the design of this Dyson! Its great features like being light weight, hand held and cordless make it sound really easy to use. I love that it is bagless and has enough power and suction to clean better than other vacuums!

By Blogger Lisa Garner, at 11/19/2007 6:16 PM  

Rechargeable, cordless, and lightweight - all things I look for in a vacuum. In addition, as others have mentioned it looks very sci-fi which might make my husband use it - I guess a woman could hope!! Thanks for the giveaway, I'd love to win!


By Blogger JewelsHud, at 11/19/2007 6:52 PM  

Anything that looks like the "dad" might enjoy using it wins me over! Also, I love the dyson technology; I think it's far more hygienic than your standard vaccuum.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/19/2007 8:14 PM  

why? because it still works better and looks cooler than the Dirt Devil. Plus my wife wants one. so there.

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/20/2007 5:14 AM  

I like that the root 6 is rechargeable & handheld, yet still powerful. My 2.5-yr-old son will like it because he currently likes to chase the upright vacuum, but with this smaller one, he'll have a fighting chance of catching it.

By Blogger Roy, at 11/20/2007 6:54 AM  

My little booboo, (aka, Oliver the chihuahua) may only weight 10lbs, but I swear, I pick up that amount of hair every day, off the floor. Please, save me from a lifetime of purchasing Swiffer Wipes! The Dyson is so much effective, strong, and not to mention, cooler!

By Blogger Miss Bliss, at 11/20/2007 9:09 AM  

I like that it looks like one of the machines they used in Ghostbusters. But really, I think it'd be great for cleaning out the car and since I live on a gravel road it'd be so helpful to have quick charging and powerful suction!

By Blogger Jennifer McNichols, at 11/20/2007 11:55 AM  

with 2 hairy dogs, and 2 little people under 3yrs. i love the Patented Root Cyclone™ technology - b/c i know that what i'd be cleaning would get clean, and i love that it mounts to my wall, less floor clutter!

By Blogger Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver, at 11/20/2007 12:35 PM  

first it is the yellow color, funky design. but funtionally, it is the fact that is sucks... in the good way. suction is the biggest disappointment in my current vacuum.

By Blogger sarah, at 11/20/2007 3:24 PM  

Just what I need...perfect for carpeted stairs...and vehicles. Please, enter me.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/20/2007 3:33 PM  

I love that it has the combo tool thing and that it is grey and orange. It looks so cool, my husband might like to use it!!!! Sign me up please!

By Blogger Heather Casey, at 11/20/2007 5:45 PM  

My husband could finally get the step crevices clean! And look like the terminator too!

By Blogger Unknown, at 11/20/2007 6:50 PM  

This is so neat! I love the design! Very modern and sleek! I love how lightweight it is, and practicle. My favorite thing though is the amount of suction. Especially for a cordless! Very funcitonal. I hope i win!

By Blogger Marcie, at 11/20/2007 7:34 PM  

I like the little yellow cyclone hose thingies that make it look industrial, almost. The 'never loses suction' part is important when you're cleaning up cat hair! The filter on my Shark clogs pretty quickly. traci.lawson *at* gmail . com

By Blogger Traci, at 11/21/2007 8:27 AM  

Being cordless is amust with kids that like to "unplug" things!

jhholdaway (at) gmail (dot) com

By Blogger The Holdaway's, at 11/21/2007 10:59 AM  

Hygenic and quick to empty sound good to me! It's a lot cute than my Dirt Devil too!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/21/2007 11:44 AM  

I like it becuase it look slike a power tool, so I think I can get my husband and sons to use it;
Please get me one of those...

By Blogger Homemade by Margy, at 11/22/2007 5:41 AM  

Hey this thing is wicked! What I love the most is the visual aspect of it, so much more posh than the shop vac I suck my 6 kids stuff up with. It's also the same colors as my kitchen, orange and silver. It's always good when you can match accessories, lol. I really loved Buck Rogers as a kid and this reminds me of that show!

By Blogger Sunshine, at 11/22/2007 7:40 AM  

I like it that you'll be able to see all the dust it's eating. Not that I'd want a see-through stomach but in the case of the dyson root 6 vacuum, yes. Give it here! Please... pretty please!

By Blogger Martin Klasch, at 11/22/2007 4:59 PM  

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